Does evil really excist or not?

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Everything that is experienced exists in some form or fashion. Every experience can be described by a relative location on a continuum of qualifiers that form binary oppositions - one such binary opposition is Good and Evil. Wrapped up in the concepts of good and evil are the binary oppositions of free-will/determinism, subject/object, ego/non-duality, love/selfishness, pleasure/pain, logos/abyss, and truth/falsehood. Additionally the concept of good/evil relies on the meaning we assign to our lives and events in our lives and that meaning is derived from the story or myth we tell ourselves about our reality: who are we and why are we here? The surface level Judeo-Christian myth (which has shaped Western civilization) holds that we are defective artifacts of a purely good God and thus we are entirely responsible for evil and must be either rehabilitated or discarded. The deeper level presented in Gnosticism or Kabbalah or Hermeticism or Hinduism or practically any form of mysticism is that all experience is somewhat illusory in that our individual experience is the Divine Being temporarily fooling itself into forgetting its unified divine nature for the purpose of having experiences in a multiplicity of forms. Evil then results from getting very lost in this illusion and attempting to hold on too tightly to the separation (ego) from the Oneness that is the ultimate nature of reality to which we all eventually return. This leads to the idea that Good and Evil are not quite as serious as the surface level Judeo-Christian myth would have us believe. Good and Evil are the source of conflicts which makes this reality very interesting, and in this model, experiencing something interesting is the whole point of reality. Life is then compared to a game. Some believe that on some level we all agreed to play by the rules of this game before we incarnated into this life even though now we may forget that we agreed to it and find life very disagreeable and disgustingly unfair at times. When one realizes this ultimate nature of reality, he has an option: accept the "truth" about reality which is essentially ego death - being dissolved back into the Oneness while still living - or persist in the "lie" by nurturing the ego and control and attempting to squeeze the world for all it will give him. Since the purpose of reality is to be embedded in an interesting story, there will always be a balance between the two binary oppositions until at last the story is resolved. Once the story is resolved, a new story will begin because the Divine creative impulse to experience novelty is endless.