Doubts about the moon landings

I'm thinking that's why they can never find Jimmy Hoffa. The mafia just drove a boat right up to the edge, and tossed ole Jimmy right off. I mean where is he? His disappearance only makes sense if the earth is flat and he could be tossed over the edge. Hoffa didn't like Kennedy either!

Also, thinking this might explain the Bermuda Triangle. Thinking that Bermuda is somewhere very near one of the earth's edges. Careless boat captains just sail off or pilots just fly off into space, like that guy who shared his experience upthread.

This flat earth stuff sure does help tidy up so many conundrums.
Should have known, that was pretty good douche bag, you got me. I might even be a little upset if my last post didn’t just destroy the heliocentric model. But it does so I’m not, your all a bunch of sad, pitiful losers, and your right, I do feel sorry for you as the universe you believed in falls apart. Sorry I’m not sorry ;)
I understand you’re very passionate about this subject but what I asked is if you can give me some physics formulas you accept to be true.

a= V^2/r

Do you agree that these or any physics formulas are representative of reality?
Nobody gives a fuck about your equations, I’m glad they all work out on paper for you, maybe you can go live on a paper but this is reality
Write this formula out so maybe you can comprehend you don’t live on a sphere