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Yes, I do plan outdoor activities during the coming warm season – how could it be otherwise? Or did you think I spend all my lifetime in front of a screen?
To be honest, yes I did. Because I often perceive your posts as nihilistic, I assumed you were the stereotypical angry, depressed intellectual Russian, slowly going insane from being locked indoors due to cold weather, trapped in an urban hellscape.

I apologize for that assumption. I am very pleased to hear you spend time outdoors communing with Mother Nature. More people should.

Your Parents' dacha is in a beautiful location. I spent last weekend driving around Lake Sam Rayburn in east Texas, and Lake Toledo Bend in west Louisiana looking for lake-front property to buy. I'm trying to build my own weekend dacha in the forrest.

Sam Rayburn is 463 km² in size. Toledo Bend 750 km². I have a lot more driving to do.

Two years ago I was sleeping alone in the woods precisely here: 31.273097, -94.373237 when I woke up at 3:00 am and felt something TERRIBLE, an overwhelming sense of dread and menace. I was terrified.

It wasn't a person. I fear no person or animal because I sleep with this pistol in the tent next to me. The dread was so bad I packed up my camp, threw it in my boat, and drove across the lake in the dark back to my truck and went home.

I've slept alone in the swamps of Louisiana thousands of times since I was a kid. I've never felt a presence that evil. This never happens to me. I still don't understand it.
After a year of contemplation I got over the anger because I realized his choice really was the best option. Motorcycling was his only reason for existence, and that was gone.
Obviously there has to be compassion for people in difficult situations. Am gonna be blunt tho. Motorcycling was not his reason for existence. At the time of suicide he was a lightweight who killed himself. The same goes for anyone else who kills themselves and doesnt fight it to the end (aside from 'maybe' taking one's life in order to save others, like not getting caught by interogating enemy troops). It's harsh to say considering how much pain and grief people can go through, but that's how it is
It totally was, and he would agree if asked.

If you wish to converse with me, stop being an Ignorant Jackass.
Charlie I know he was your friend and i promise you that am not trying to be disrespectful. Personally i'm not religious but to put it in Christian terms without comparing Jesus to run of the mill people like yourself, me or your friend. The principle is the same though. Was Jesus's main reason for existence to be a carpenter or to try and do good things in whatever way he could?
...to put it in Christian terms
He was an Atheist, and his only reason for existence was being the President of our Motorcycle Club and organizing rides.

After being crippled and unable to ever ride again, he had no reason to exist. Suicide was preferable to slowly rotting in an easy chair stupefied by opiates to stop the endless pain from his injuries.

We buried his jacket in front of his Parent's grave, cremated his body, and dumped the ashes into Galveston Bay where he ran scuba diving tours in the 70's.