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yes. I think we need to redefine breakaway civilization. first off, I think it's an inescapable fact... where there... we just don't quite understand what it is and where it's going.
Good point. How many people does it take to make a civilisation? Breakaway we all get - of course. When we look at history we can always see the 'elite' whose wealth and power put them on a different level.

The desire to 'escape from nature' has been a driving ambition of the ruling class who end living a kind of magical life - they do no labour at all - save what is pleasurable. They have the best tech available. In days gone by that means slaves, servant and those who obey (there's a link between human servants, spirts and machines/robots so long as we recall that tech is not the device or means but the intent made manifest).

That 'escape from nature' impulse that has long driven the ruling class may now have an added dimension - the ability to leave the planet in bodily form via flying machines. But when we look at the extreme visions of the materialistic technocrats we see a trend - beyond Earthly nature, beyond the Earth and finally beyond biology. That vision is to transfer human consciousness into some alternative post-physical and incorruptible medium - cloud computing or robot brain. Strangely, not spirit form - because, of course, the materialist denies such a reality - while passionately aspiring to it.

Personally I think 'breakaway civilisation' is lurid sci fi hyperbole. I have no doubt there are those who think we have so screwed things here that they will escape. But where? Mars? I guess if your vision is purely materialistic an elsewhere of any kind seems plausible. That would be a rough life for elites - pioneers on Mars would not be a fun role. The other option of being taken up by ET is pretty crowded by all accounts - and I kinda feel for ET here - rich dudes or religious nutters. But if you are running a cross between an intergalactic Uber and a shuttle rescue service maybe that doesn't matter.

For me the breakaway civilisation; does not fit any decent sci fi test. By that I mean, as true (old time) sci fi fans will attest, if you can't create a plausible realistic scenario you haven't a good story. I suspect that younger pups raised on Star Wars won't get this. Reality doesn't have special effects and editing to serve the needs of 15 year olds.

I think the objections to a breakaway civilisation are too monstrous to overcome. Even a breakaway community has problems. A breakaway fantasy is doable. A breakaway delusion is more likely the reality.
Of course the other plausible theory that I tend to support but need to flesh out a little better is that perhaps civilization itself is the first real "breakaway." I don't want to get into too many details since someone I know is writing a book, in part, about this very fact. But even that alone should be enough to ponder. Perhaps leaving the tribal life created a different kind of "connection" with a different kind of consciousness.
Of course the other plausible theory that I tend to support but need to flesh out a little better is that perhaps civilization itself is the first real "breakaway." I don't want to get into too many details since someone I know is writing a book, in part, about this very fact. But even that alone should be enough to ponder. Perhaps leaving the tribal life created a different kind of "connection" with a different kind of consciousness.
Brilliant question! There is no doubt that the distinction between 'civilised' folk (who live in towns and rely on farming) and hunter gather types - must be looked into in greater depth. But tell your friend to go through Graham Hancock's books before they lock their POV down in print.

The necessity of farming is put down to an evolutionary impulse. But the timeframes espoused by your stock standard anthropologist is not consistent with very sensible research and argument that is graced by offensive label of 'psuedoarchaelogy'. Hancock makes a compelling argument that the conventional timeline for the 'discovery' of agriculture clashes with evidence that it may actually be a recovery.

As a long time reader of 'archaeology' and 'psuedoarqchaeology' my money is firmly on the latter. In fact the history of humanity we have been fed as mothers milk is more and more looking like complete BS.

CS, your friend may be committed to being in print after so much effort, but if they have not covered the emergent alternate POVs, they may be madly wrong.But maybe that does not matter - as is so often the case.
It is an understatement to say that in 2012, as soon as my research focus shifted, so did my life. When I began to focus on modern reports of UFO sightings and events, I was immediately immersed in a world where the religious impulse was alive and the formation of a new, unique form of religion was in process. I was observing it as it happened.

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 10). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.
The UFO phenomena in its modern form began in 1947, 65 years befrore Dr Pasulka began to study the field. Why is it that whenever an academic scholar or scientist learns about a paranormal phenomenon they act like they are the first person to discover it?

Each of the scientists with whom I engaged was passionately obsessed with his research, but none of them would ever offer conclusions as to what the phenomenon was or where it came from. The suggestion that the phenomenon is the basis for a new form of religion elicited sneers and disgust. To them, the phenomenon was too sacred to become religious dogma.

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 15). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

Scientist members of the Society for Psychical Research had the same attitude to Spiritualism. They thought it was wrong to make a religion out of mediumistic phenomena. But scientists failed to take the phenomenon anywhere. It is the Spiritualists who have brought the phenomenon to the public, providing demonstrations and classes where the public can find out the truth of the phenomena for themselves.

And while the scientists Dr Pasulka is investigating, who are so against religion are keeping their research to themselves, once again it is the "religious believers" who are educating the public about UFO's

It is true there is a lot of confusion about what information is reliable. It is too bad the scientists are not fulfilling their proper role by providing reliable information.

People should not idolize scientists just as they should not idolize religious leaders.

[James] is one of the leading scientists in the world, and he had the instruments and the technical skill to determine whether the artifacts were genuinely anomalous.

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (pp. 23-24). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.
Are these scientists using tax payer funded equipment and not revealing their results to the public?

In the book she explains that the academic researchers have a different ethic about being transparent about sources than the professional UFO researchers who have to take oaths of secrecy. Which is absurd when he has already explained that the academics are keeping their results from the public. How is that transparency? If that is her attitude, she is part of the breakaway civilization.

The standard baseline from which we all functioned was pretty conservative: unless we had proof that it was nonhuman, we would refrain from advocating that hypothesis.

Pasulka, D.W.. American Cosmic (p. 63). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.
Readers may thing she is showing that the scholars at the meeting were objective. They only believe what is proven. But at the same meeting of academics, lack of proof didn't stop them from advocating other unproven hypotheses. Rather than being objective her statement shows the scholars are very, very biased.

In different places in the book, James first says there could be a genetic component to the phenomenon because it runs in families, then later he says the phenomenon sometimes spreads to friends and family of experiencers.
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If there's interest... I sent the following to Diana today (none of it touches "private")

Dear Diana, I am reading everything I come across that you have written since I discovered American Cosmic and had that synchronicity with Card 39 (The Angel Card) of which I shared with you in an e-mail.

I greatly appreciate you and all your work and can't wait for your book that involves synchronicity (which, as you stated, may have to be fiction)... where I later learned the working book title was "The Language of the Angels" via your interview with Alex Tsakiris (Skeptiko).

I hope one day I might meet you and share with you my current working theory with regards to the strange "funk" humanity seems to be in and that it’s not because of some "original sin" as either fact or myth... but caused by an originally shared trauma of the species that seeded the current race of humans on Earth… much of the theory is in consideration of Bruce Fenton's work (and his and his wife's working theories along those lines).

In short, the current batch of ‘human being’ as a species demonstrates operating as if 'fragmentized' instead of in a more natural "wholistic" way - exactly as an individual human acts when they suppress a traumatic or many traumatic events… even where they form split off personalities (and in extreme cases, Dissociative Identity Disorder) from their true, whole selves.

Perhaps you are familiar with Bruce Fenton's work (Alex Tsakiris has interviewed him twice recently and assisted in the creation of a mini-documentary featuring his work)...

Fenton suggests the seed DNA for what is now "Earth humans" was from "off-world" beings. He uses DNA evidence as well to demonstrate the time frame of the change in our DNA from pre-homo sapien sapiens to what it was when homo sapien sapiens appeared is statistically impossible to have occurred “randomly,” suggesting evidence to back "the story" we were genetically engineered (around 780,000 years ago) using an indigenous species of earth as the initial biological vehicle which, after modification, was capable of housing their souls (I assume, after transition, to support transmigration).

How this came about was due to a betrayal by a race of beings that “owned” but had agreed to give over control to another race of beings and yet, when the race of beings arrived, their ship was ambushed and a small portion of those beings survived. That is the seed race and also, it could be understood that these survivors had experienced a mass, shared horrific trauma.

That is the crux of this theory. Not original sin… Original shared trauma. And we’re still suppressing it and acting out the results of that suppression.

Kindest Regards

Sam "Chester" Hunter