Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, The Long-Term Future of Parapsychology |349|

So Alex, you don't ascribe to anything politically [you call both sides bullshit]. But in the light of abortion, medical mandates, censorship, SRA-Epstein, are you ready to pick a side? Or would that put you in an awkward social position like Mishlove? Or does "looking-up" not involve political action? Not picking a side is sort of picking a side.
Look what happened for the people who picked the "Bernie Sanders side".
Not picking a side while insisting on freedom and equal rights would be Utopia.
Its been so long since I watched this video I have likely forgotten most of it. But I am well aware of Dr. Mishlove and his excellent youtube channel.

He was recently announced as the winner of the Bigelow essay contest!


This was announced over a week ago. I also noticed around the same time (about 2 weeks prior) Tom Campbell got a major donation around the same amount as the prize money offered to Dr. Mishlove.

I think the timing is off by a bit. But its worth pondering the more general question. What research could be done if a few million were available?

I hope the essay addresses that issue. Or if not his essay someones essay should!