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It took me a good 20 minutes actually to figure out what was bugging me so much about her, then I saw this imagery, and it was 'bingo'! She's a whiner and lordy how I find that aspect of femininity distasteful. It's manipulative and it works especially well with masculine (un-knowing) men who then move automatically into 'white knight' mode. I'm glad Alex didn't let that compel him to back down.
I have an innate instinct to oppose any type of manipulation by doing the exact opposite what what is wanted of me. Women hate me. And the women who love me hate me the most. But I can't help it.

I watched the first 30 minutes of the interview on youtube and I don't have anything negative to say about her. She isn't interested in being an activist. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

What exactly was she whining about?
I have an innate instinct to oppose any type of manipulation by doing the exact opposite what what is wanted of me. Women hate me. And the women who love me hate me the most. But I can't help it.

I watched the first 30 minutes of the interview on youtube and I don't have anything negative to say about her. She isn't interested in being an activist. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

What exactly was she whining about?
People judge other people pretty harshly through media and internet, much more so than they do in real life, I've unmistakenly noticed.
Facts don't matter.


Experts disagree on the rate of sexual abuse among the general American male population, but Allen says a conservative estimate is one in 10. Margaret Leland Smith, a researcher at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, says her review of the numbers indicates it's closer to one in 5. But in either case, the rate of abuse by Catholic priests is not higher than these national estimates.
And there's this:
Abusers in the church are no more frequent than in other organizations. Or you can say, abusers in other organizations are just as common as in the church. So why is the church singled out when other corrupt organizations are given a free pass?

It is estimated that women are the abusers in about 14% of cases reported among boys and 6% of cases reported among girls.​

The problem of child abuse in public schools is never talked about and it is covered up as much as possible. Many of the perpetrators are women who as a gender are often given a free pass not just by administrators but by the public. It is hypocritical and disgusting and extremely unfair to the child victims of their abuse. People can choose whether to go to church, but they cannot always choose to keep their kids out of public schools.


Project Veritas has released undercover video of Bill Siegferth, Tom Schmida, and David Romick – all current or former teachers union presidents –admitting that they have protected and defended union members that have abused students.

Why is it a outrageous when male priest abuses a child but okay for a female teacher to do the same thing?

And why is there so much anger when basic facts are pointed out? Who feels threatened? Why?

People don't use logic to form their opinions, they use logic to defend their opinions. And when the church is picked out for criticism while other guilty organizations are ignored, all it proves is the bias of the critic.
This is from the UK:

The dark truth about child sex abuse: Devastating 'Truth Project' report reveals paedophile attacks by doctors, teachers and social workers are far more widespread than feared
21:07 EDT, 23 June 2018
Researchers found abuse widespread across all communities and social classes
New report is based of the biggest archive of evidence by abuse victims ever
It presents detailed accounts from 50 of 1,400 victims to turned to Truth Project​


Pell was taken to Rome because he was a hard man on finance, rather than because he had a passion for boys. The Vatican needs a lot of reforming and it may all be beyond one pope. There was a video on Australian public board casting tv asserting that a indulgent homosexual lifestyle was rampant in the Vatican and others have claimed that if the Vatican was to remove its gay priests the place would fall apart. It may be that the Vatican is a cesspit of depravity now - but was it ever otherwise? I think a review of its history would be instructive.

I am aware the claims to which Alex refers. There is likely some truth in them, but how much is another question. The Vatican and the pope are safe targets for people to make up stuff - can't be verified and denials are easy to disbelieve.
not sure what you mean... I'm sure yr not suggesting that his rape of one or two 8 yr olds is ok.

moreover, I don't think yr position reflects the nature/mindset of this evil/crime. the best research suggests that the vast, vast majority of these people are lifelong rapist/sadists who prey on dozens or even hundreds of kids during their life. so, it doesn't make sense to draw the lines strictly around the convictions. also, gotta separate out "homosexuality," we're talking about the rape of defenseless children.

EDIT: hey Mike after reading yr other posts I can see that my response doesn't exactly fit yr position... maybe we can clarify... apologies if I've missed the mark.
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This is so disgusting but true. Having grown up in Omaha Nebraska I became very aware of child rape rings due to the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. Maybe 5 years ago I knew a director and photographer who took naked pictures of his kids and posted them on instagram. A forum for mothers somehow caught wind of this and said that many of the pictures were sexualizing the kids. They flagged these pictures on IG which turned into a battle on the forum for mothers. There were some people on the forum who pointed out that when the photographer released the pictures to the public there would be people who would take the pictures to the dark web archives for pedos. The people making these warnings said they had pics taken as kids that were taken into the underground and every time a pedo gets busted and their pictures are on the computer they get notified. The people pointing this out stated that they get about one notification a month and it psychologically disturbs them. They asked the photographer to consider this and protect his kids but the photographer claimed these moms were trying to take away his right to free speech. When he started making this free speech claim I told a ladyfriend that this will get national press. She thought I was crazy but within a few days the huffington post had done and article and I think the NYT both on how he was being oppressed by these moms who were concerned that his children would have to go through what they went through. He then threatened the forum with legal action to shut down the thread which displayed his narcissism and blatant disregard for concerns about his child's safety. He then released a book selling all of the questionable pictures to whomever wanted them. When you know the agenda it is easy to predict the actions of the press.

This video is crazy but follows the usual path..."(insert group here)Pedos are suffering terribly and are victims of their genetics and our cruel outdated cultural mores. They don't choose to be this way etc and just can't find help due to how cruel we are (meaning the culture should change instead of the pedo taking action to control themselves, seek out help and live within our culture's laws)." Probably what will come next is the media sensationalizing a statutory rape case between a person just below the age of consent and the other just above and then trying to garner support to end such laws.
blackmail is the other dark side of this whole thing... if you were a puppetmaster you would love to have a pedo in a position of power/authority... gives you ultimate control.


Its a pity that the conversation has headed off in another direction. I, too, was interested in Mariana's fusion of yoga and psychology. There are so many disciplines and traditions from the past that are better with an injection of psychology. Allowing that yoga has a far wider meaning that just the physical stuff, and essentially incorporates intentional acts aimed at deepening a sense of 'connection' and awareness the fusion with psychology is a powerful way of 'updating' the original intent of yoga.
agreed... and even with just the "physical stuff" there's a lot to unpack. anyone who's spent much time doing yoga (e.g. Iyengar/Ashtanga) has witnessed the weird stuff that can happen by aligning yr body in a certain way and breathing.
A post from the bitter ex-Catholic.


I post this as yet another illustration of the institutionalized evil of the Catholic Church -- and the rigged legal system that protects such evil. The victims here are victimized twice -- first, by the priests and nuns in the house of horror orphanage, and then later by the attorneys defending the Church and mocking or denying the victims' experiences.

Why rigged? First, there should be no statute of limitations for crimes of this sort against children. Children who are so traumatized that they bury the memories for decades. In addition, the judge should have allowed a class action/consolidated trial by the victims. Clearly there were shared memories/experiences establishing a pattern of horrific, institutionalized conduct over decades that would have come out with such a consolidated/class action trial. Finally, the judge should have been far less tolerant of the abuse of the cross-examination process by the defense. As you can see from the article, "questions" (defined loosely) asked by the defense attorneys were clearly meant only to re-traumatize and demean.
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I thought this was an interesting perspective on this topic. I don't practice yoga, but I can relate to much of what the benefits are purported to be through other efforts in my life, mostly hard work on the land. I could see this being the first thing I turned to if some unfortunate turn of events forced me to seek another avenue for the feeling of 'divine connection', unity, co-creation, discipline, observance, and the other many benefits of this level of work. I do think that's what some might be missing in our 'entertained to death' American culture, b/c it is work that requires one's own direct connection with a 'higher power'--not just the ancestral wisdom that went into it, but then the 'weaving' into current and potential future environments that makes it a true art/craft/discipline that does seem to have a lot of value for all kinds of folks.

News came out recently here in Aus that Cardinal Pell had been convicted several months ago (in December last year), but that until recently the conviction had been under a suppression order due to a separate trial which was dropped when certain evidence was ruled inadmissible. His bail has been revoked and he has been remanded for sentencing on the 13th (of this month, March 2019 - so, in three days' time).

He maintains his innocence and has lodged an appeal.

For a limited time you can watch Louise Milligan's Four Corners investigative report, "Guilty: The Conviction Of Cardinal Pell" on ABC iView.
News came out recently here in Aus that Cardinal Pell had been convicted several months ago (in December last year)
An update:

Victoria's Court of Appeal turned down Cardinal Pell's appeal of his conviction in August of this year (Victoria is a state of Australia, and that court is a state court). That article includes a strong statement by the victim of Cardinal Pell's crime in appreciation of the Court rejecting Cardinal Pell's appeal. Well worth a read.

Cardinal Pell appealed again, to Australia's highest court of appeal, aptly named The High Court - our federal/national court as opposed to one of our state courts - and that Court agreed recently (today, judging by the date of this article) to hear his appeal.

In the meantime, he continues to serve his six-year jail sentence.