Dr. Tom Cowan Insists We Show Him Covid-19 |472|

You may know this already, but when the first Europeans came in contact w/ the Japanese, the Japanese were horrified by their stinking bodies, filthy clothes, & disgusting habits. In Japanese society at that time, the lowest class of ppl lived the way the Europeans did, so it's no wonder we were considered beneath them. It's also telling how bad doctors in the past were about cleanliness before germ theory was accepted. Surgeons were impressed w/ gory apparel; apparently it was some sort of a status symbol to be blood-spattered head to toe. Of course, 20/20 hindsight & all that, but I find it hard to imagine thinking there was no connection between filthy conditions & disease. It seems like the stench alone would put off most professionals. For instance, they stopped most of the cholera & diphtheria epidemics by keeping filth from being washed into wells & other drinking water sources.
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I know in England years back people didn't used to drink water as it was known to make people sick (as you say because the water was filthy) so people drank alchohol because it was safer. Not only did people never wash but they where a dehydrated bunch of alchoholics lol. Also a lot of people are so quick to say that it's vaccines that have saved humanity from all it's health woes (and maybe it has played a 'what was available' role to some extent). Many of those same people including health professionals will deny that hygiene and hydration played any role at all. Unbelievable numb nuts! From what i have understood chronic disease in children has gone from a few percent in the 70's and 80's to over 50% in the present day. This increase 'coincidentally' has increased steadily as the amount of vaccines given to children has increased (in the US from 4-5 vaccines in the 70's to 72 vaccines in 16 doses in the present day).