Evil By Design

Just wanted to drop this up here for folks to consider.

This is Canada's Epstein.
The problem I would argue is that power often comes from unchecked wealth. Not always, but that is part of it.
It's what draws sycophants and eventually ideologies that do not check themselves.

I love Skeptiko. Alex has introduced me to a ton of amazing things and ideas. But even now, I'm noticing that there's a tendency for people to make broad conclusions- in that everything is a psyop, or that everything is done for extended consciousness gains.
But, sadly, I don't think most human beings are as smart as all that. Most people have intelligence in a single area, and are blind to their own failings and to criticisms of that. Trump is a perfect example. He's a fake. He's gone ahead and worked effectively as a shyster and bilked many people out of millions of dollars. This is not my opinion. This is fact. Whether it's been what he did with Trump University, how he's cheated many people out of wages and contracts, or how his family stole money from their own charity. His skill has always been that of an expert grifter.
Joe Biden similarly provides no solutions as he portrays himself as a man of the people yet, can't bring himself to do anything to help them that won't counter his corporate masters. Promises like $2000 cheques, $15 dollars an hour minimum wage. All are tossed aside because he listens to the levers of power behind the POTUS.

I bring them up because both the above are engaged in abusive nature sexually and otherwise- because of how power corrupts those who are incapable of focusing on inner growth. Alex brings up so many gurus who are engaged in the same thing. Are they all trying to gain some kind of demonic power? Or are they just seduced by what power brings that they have lost their way, and are abused themselves by the extended consciousness realms that can draw their appetites and their desperate needs for their own dark purposes.
I would argue that this is the case. But I'm a huge proponent of Hanlon's Razor. "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" I would add, "or ignorance". We live in a world of materialism that seduces those energies to be used by greater and more aware powers.
Certainly, we've spoken about the extended realms requiring various dark emotive energies. Certainly, they would feed very well like vampires on blood on those who are obsessed with power and money.
There have been so many studies representing that there are people who gain wealth not for utility but strickly for the ability to manifest more and more and more. One would point that as definitively one of the great "7 Deadly Sins" if not two.
But, if we walk away from the idea of an extended realm and dark forces and consciousness, certainly there are human forces engaged in manipulating people.
We know Epstein kept video and audio of many of the wealthiest most powerful people in the world with the purpose of manipulating them more.

The more often manipulation is done, the more often those who do so, do so feeling they are untouchable.
I'm not a Christian in any strict sense. Or a believer in any religion's ideologies for that matter. I think there are many ways up the mountain.
Similarly, when it comes to Satanism- there are many ways down to the Abyss.
So while some folks can call it Satanism, it may indeed be something we recognize as Satanism. Satanism, is, however, the practices that human beings put on a particular flavour of dark power worshipping.
I think both Alex and I would agree that one of the biggest game-changer interviews was Dr. Tom Zinser.