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I am not sure what the "nine" have said exactly but I have a strong impression that they are malevolent.
agreed... very suspicious agenda. the racist stuff is crazy on a lotta levels.

- But then we have the relentlessly upbeat Suzanne Giesemann.
she really turned me off during the first interview... she talks the light and love stuff, but shows a diff side when pressed a little. I should have given here the full treatment and asked aobut 9-11 (she's clearly dirty):

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Entities are like humans they have the propensity to be good and bad

That is really not the question I am interested in. The question I am after is one of discernment. To me it is clear that evil supernatural entities can communicate through mediums. I believe good entities also exist but it is unclear to me if they choose to communicate through mediums. So, I am happy to entertain the idea that all medium stuff is from evil entities (perhaps pretending to be the souls of the dead). I am also puzzled why the good entities would allow the evil entities to do what they have.

I also think about the idea (regarding discerning between good and evil entities) that one could say, "well, I think the good ones are more powerful (perhaps because "God" backs them up) so one might say that evil ones are limited to the medium/channelling stuff but only good ones can cause synchronicities or physical manifestations (UFOs) or other strange stuff." So, is this true? How do we find out?

I don't know the answer but there are clear clues in Suzanne Giesemann. So, anyway, Alex - there is more to be mined there.

Also on the topic of Puharich, it seems in the podcast that there is this idea that he was "bitter" in his old age. Perhaps bitter that he had wasted much time on the subject of the Nine. I would have to listen to the podcast again but I have this impression. Anybody know more about this?
Actually, this is off topic and maybe really wants its own thread but when thinking about Geisemann and these topics that I could imagine a series of podcasts with different people working on this theme and trying to actually drill on it. Sometimes I think Skeptiko is a thousand miles wide but one foot deep. A failure of the medium, of course, books are where the depth is and it is difficult to discuss books with people who have not read them. Maybe a Skeptiko book club is the answer?
So, is this true? How do we find out?
A million gallons of ink have been spilled over the course of 1,000 years by men far smarter than you or I trying to figure out the...

The older I get, the more I begin to suspect humans are intended to "go with their gut" on this question, and not drive themselves insane trying to intellectualize it.

But I still keep trying it. ;)
At the first minute I was blown away with the New Age rhetoric. Really? Have we gotten no further yet than 'we are all one'?! Been there, got the t-shirt, still sounds like BS. Maybe it's true, I've certainly felt 'Oneness' with the 'All that is'.

To arrive at this moment is to realize, this moment means nothing if in the next moment, you will starve, or drown, or be perhaps born into the streets of New Delhi as a child prostitute in your next reincarnation. I don't even believe in reincarnation, I just hope some of these folks who feel all one can finally get a taste of how polluted the water really is.
The interconnectedness thing is very very frequently reported after NDE's. Moreso than anything really. At a frequency on par with a loving feeling and visual light. That doesn't automatically mean we are one and the same necessarily of course. But certainly way more tightly connected than we think we are on this planet, or so we are told at any rate. There are a number of NDE'rs who do say that all of us and God are the same thing. That's a little difficult for me to swallow. It would also be very disappointing I would think :)
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The interconnectedness thing is very very frequently reported after NDE's. Moreso than anything really. At a frequency on par with a loving feeling and visual light.
great reminder! it's hard to imagine it being otherwise... but (at least for me) it's easy to lose this perspective.
I'm fairly sure Whitley is right in that regard. I've read elsewhere that questions do indeed increase brain activity and connectivity.

I'm aware of Tom Cambell's Big TOE and I love that he used to work with Robert Monroe, but I was not aware of that particular principle till now. (I could only hear the 'life is like World of Warcraft' analogy so many times before I had to tune out for lack of new practical/usable information.)

I think this video below is most likely correct. That we are all truly thoughts in the infinite mind of God and that there are ultimately ZERO limitations. The only reason things aren't popping in and out of existence is because at one time they did and we wanted a more stable/educational experience (or we had awareness of that particular ghetto in the probability field and we purposefully moved away from it.) If infinity is truly the case then I'm not surprised to have all of these disparate alien/being narratives. They are all thoughts and the imaginal is completely tied to the material.

I didn't use to be able to say the word God. I still grimace when I have to. I think Eckhart Tolle was the first to get me to even stick my toe in the G-waters. I'm here at this point intellectually, but still unable to feel much of anything in my heart ~ I've got a lot of work to do.

^ This is a great talk and even ends on a synchronicity vibe. Love it. Strange how I've waded all these waters just to arrive at this moment.

(^ I also have a bunch of personal syncs to Don Quixote and to that song... amazing.)
I saw just a few seconds of the video, and that was enough to identify an immediate problem. There is no point at all in saying we 'are all one' when we do not act that way. Yes, it is a good, if not essential, thing to know that we are all finally the same. But that is platitudinous BS for the reality we live in. The question we need to be asking is "considering we are "all one" what is it that makes knowing and thinking this so damned hard?"

There is no point in asserting a truth if we can't actualise it. Between 'all one' and the differences we act on there is a vast litany of things we must deconstruct to move from separation to unity. That is a vast complex and sophisticated job that takes hard work and focussed attention. You want to be a part of it? What are you prepared to do and sacrifice?

It is very easy to make noble sounding sentimental statements that end, finally, in nothing getting better. Yes, we are all one. But how does that play out in your real life? Not well. We who are one are also many. We live a reality that has both the oneness and the maniness working together to make a reality we live in. The balance of the two may not please others.

We must be careful of fine sounding but simplistic platitudes. We weaken the legitimate aspiration for the best we can be by employing sentimental and naive notions that have no hope of being realised.

A TOE is a noble notion as an ideal toward which we may aspire. But a TOE assumes that we know everything to start with and all we are doing is putting it together in a good way. But the fact is that we haven't a clue whether we know squat about reality or .5% of it. So we cant know if a TOE is what is says it is. It is a great aspiration but complete BS as a destination we can image arriving at.

In any case the best TOEs are mystical - and even they allow for a permanent domain of unknowability. There is no chance a 'scientific' TOE is even going to be anywhere in the same ballpark.

Long before 'science' and even been thought of as an idea, TOEs were routinely developed as mystical or metaphysical theories. Hermeticism and Kabbalah are Western versions. Any science that ignores deity has no chance. That is something that is slowly, but progressively, dawning on the wider scientific community. But materialistic tyranny still reigns - for the time being.