He claims to have traveled outside his body to bring back art… and much more |297|

For the first few pages, before ZW took a LOA, I enjoyed the conversation, After that point, until, of course, now that I am posting, it was a cow's teat (udder) waste of time.
I think if I wanted to try LSD I'd trust someone I knew personally not a name on a forum.
Trust them why? Because they filmed the titration of micrograms of LSD onto what? A blotter of newspaper?

Extract your own ergot and then trust you know exactly the chemistry/lab required. Then second guess that silliness...again and again and again.
My take on Ziewe's departure is that he, like most people of old age, are extremely entrenched in their views and resistant to conflicting worldviews. Speaking in neuroplasticity terms, he has hardened his neural pathways that involve his view of reality, or something similar. The poster's rather moronic accusation was registered as a challenge to his authority and experience, which prompted his rather hasty response.

The poster is a stereotypical example of the socio-economico-ecologico-political justice warrior hellbent on stalling any other research until the perceived wrongs of the world are solved. I am rather ambivalent to this attitude, which reeks of self-righteousness and naivete. The same thing is happening to SETI funding. As if finding out if there is any other sentient life on other planets or if there is truly an afterlife that we go to when we die won't make us better human beings in the process.