How Do We Reach Across The Divide? Bernardo Kastrup Is Not Debunked

I used to want to run round changing people's minds about telepathy or tantra, some amazing conscious experience they were missing out on because in part, they weren't open enough to it in order to take it seriously....

However I realised that for me personally, it made me too combative. I was turning a lot of people off even if some people loved it.

I feel a bit cheeky posting my own videos in Alex's wonderful forum here, but they are my personal efforts to do the work that Alex is trying to do as well (I believe). To open people up to new knowledge and new human potential.

So this is my way of trying to express my authenticity in that. Recently David Long (I'd not heard of him before) did a Debunked video on Bernardo Kastrup and I managed to get an interview with David Long. I would love to know how you all felt I did and how you'd like me to improve.

Also, I hope you liked the way I give him a prod at the beginning of the video.

Quick background, I believe consciousness has to be underneath physics for reality to be coherent, but I'm not religious.

Re: Whether Phenomenal Consciousness vs Emergent is a dichotomy.
I don't believe it is a dichotomy.
If we accept the Near Death Experiencers reports as evidence, it would seem to me that consciousness can enter and exist a body multiple times. If so, that would beg the question: Is it a question of on-or-off (as you mentioned in the interview like a light bulb), or are there levels? If there are levels, then: Does humanity as a whole go through periods of low/high consciousness?

Re: Joseph Campbell
Finally convinced i need to check him out, and didn't know there Youtube recordings. Gonna check out the "Power of Myth" series.

Re: Free will vs Determinism
-I argue that free-will is the sense that our consciousness is connected to a higher-self; that connection being non-physical(aka an illusion as far as science is concerned)
-I agree with determinism on a scientific basis (physical)
I believe that our free-will exists on a non-physical plane.

After those topics it got a bit to technical for me. Gonna check out Joseph Campbell.