How do you relax?

That is a good question!

1) Never watch TV, particularly the news!

2) Only look at news sites once or twice a day.

3) I have just been re-reading Michael Grosso's "Experiencing the nest world now"

4) Develop software.

I use Internet only in home - with all the time I spend online on my home PC, it is more than enough! I decided not to buy a smartphone to avoid a temptation to remain online outdoors - a simple mobile phone will suffice.

I haven't watched TV since late adolescence.

From mid-spring till mid-autumn, I prefer to spend weekends outside of the city, without any digital connection at all. In fact, wild nature is probably the most relaxing thing I can think about - only there I can temporaily give up fury, indignation and pain that I feel when I witness human stupidity - this is, almost constantly.

When it's cold, I visit public events in the city - exhibitions, public lectures and the like.
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