How fraud is being used to prop up COVID-19 hysteria and irrationality.

A telltale sign that a belief is on flimsy ground is the use of fraud to prop it up.

C19 has been popularized as a highly lethal disease requiring shutting down entire economies, locking people in their homes, and gloving and masking everyone in order to, ostensibly, contain it.

If that is true, and reason and facts justify it, then no fraud would be needed.


>Doctors who have significant field experience with the disease (as opposed to medical bureaucrats with no such experience) aver that it is counterproductive to shut society down. They argue C19 is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu and that isolating well people suppresses immunity. Their video on YouTube was censored and removed. Public outrage was so great, YouTube reposted it. : Censorship of information that disputes the media and government narrative is rampant. That is a sure sign of fraud.

>ICU units, hospitals, and morgue trucks are staged to look like there is C19 pandemonium. Watch 27:40 to about 54:20, in particular.

>A drive-through traffic jam for testing is staged by CBS in Michigan.

>The CDC has officially authorized calling just about any death a C19 death. That fraudulently inflates the mortality numbers.

>Hospitalizations increase with those locked down. Of course. The vulnerable elderly are sequestered with the younger who travel to-and-fro from stores infested with the virus. At home, in a confined area the dose of exposure is maximized. Government ignores that and focuses on keeping people off sunny beaches where there is essentially no chance of C19 transmission.

>As the below analysis shows, it is virtually impossible to conclude from the data that lockdowns decrease mortality.

Without such proof there is no justification or legal right to rob people of freedom and trash economies.


>New York city is the epicenter in the US of C19 deaths. In this chart, only 86 out of 14,162 deaths had no underlying health condition that could have been the cause of death. Many of those 86 would have had other predisposing factors such as smoking, vaping, poor diet, no exercise or sun, and undiagnosed incubating degenerative conditions. This would further reduce the number of deaths that could be rightly attributed to C19. The reality does not match the fraudulent reaction to this disease.

>Keeping children out of school and blanket lockdowns are incompatible with the facts. The following chart of the distribution of deaths from (ostensibly) C19, demonstrates, yet again, who the most vulnerable are. Ignoring such data and continuing policies that treat all people as equally vulnerable is fraud.


But the contagion of fear continues, empowering politicians who have their own consuming fear, namely losing a vote if a C19 death might be blamed on them. Incompetent is apt for politicians who enact mandates without careful study of the facts—not the same as following media hype.

As for the media, the statistician Briggs concludes, "People want to be part of this crisis so much that they don’t see the harm in juicing their stories with extra color. This is too big not to tell good skin-crawling tales. 'Lying' is not the right word for this embroidery."

Fraud is.
Oh, I see. Alex closed down the "Why Science is Wrong" forum, so you're doing an end run around his wishes.

I don't think this will end well.
Oh, I see. Alex closed down the "Why Science is Wrong" forum, so you're doing an end run around his wishes. I don't think this will end well.
I wouldn't know about that. I'm new here. This just seemed like the place to post the Russell Brand video. No intent to do any "end run" around anyone.