How Healing States Affect the Brain

I could have given this many titles but I'm really just putting this video out there for discussion before it is taken off the TedX listings for being 'too woo'!
Not that it deserves any such treatment but judging by the Sheldrake/Hancock furore I'm surprised how a lecture involving an NDE and trance mediums, has got included in the first place.
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Thanks for posting, great find. I know Joyce, I read her book (Cell level healing) many years ago and actually spoke with her on several occasions, a very smart lady who makes a great synthesis of science and spirituality. Possibly also a great Skeptico guest (Alex if you're listening ... :) )

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Thanks Bucky.

Yes she'd make a great Skeptiko guest. Isn't it amazing how an NDE can set people onto a new life path?
What a great SF story to have some other worldly intervention and all the prominent sceptics get 'accidental' bumps on the head, have NDEs and lose their scepticism overnight! They'd all join Skeptiko and we'd all wear 'I love Richard Dawkins' tee shirts!
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Well, in reality she didn't loose her skepticism overnight. It took probably a good 10 years of experiences and learning to be sure of what was happening.
I would highly recommend her book:

She goes in much more detail about her journey in energy healing, shamanic practices and how she reconciled these ideas with our western scientific thought and her background as biologist and biophysicist.

The book is 100% new-age free, so it's great for all new-age "intolerants" :)