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This thread is an ongoing attempt to fully index all Skeptiko threads and related resources as discussed on Skeptiko. The posts below index all threads in the following Skeptiko forums to approximately the 31st of October, 2019:
  • Skeptiko Shows
  • Consciousness & Science
  • Extended Consciousness & Spirituality
  • Critical Discussions Among Proponents and Skeptics
  • Why Science Is Wrong... About Almost Everything
Selected threads from the "Other Stuff" forum have also been included.


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Parapsychology, psi and the paranormal

Parapsychology: Precognition and premonition

Parapsychology: Precognitive dreams

Parapsychology: Presentiment

Parapsychology: Psychics

Parapsychology: Psychic vision

Parapsychology: Remote viewing

Parapsychology: Sensing stares

Parapsychology: Telepathy

Parapsychology: Telepathy: The Ganzfeld experiments

Parapsychology: Telepathic dogs (predicting their owner's return)

Parapsychology: Psychokinesis

Parapsychology: Paranormal photographs

Parapsychology: Inducing sleep in others

Parapsychology: Psychokinesis: Spoon bending

Paranormal: Angels
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Parapsychology: Apparitions, dreams and visions, especially of the dying and recently dead, including shared-death experiences (SDEs)

Parapsychology: Ghosts, poltergeists and other discarnates

Parapsychology: Hearing voices

Parapsychology: Instrumental transcommunication (ITC), electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and phone calls from the dead (PCFTD)

Parapsychology: Mediumship / spirit communication / after-death communication / channelling

Parapsychology: Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Out of Body Experiences (OBEs/OOBEs)

Parapsychology: Reincarnation and past-life regression

Parapsychology: Resurrection

Parapsychology: Terminal lucidity

Parapsychology: Visions, esp. end of life dreams and visions (ELDV)

Parapsychology: Anomalous speech/language/accent

Paranormal: Bigfoot

Paranormal: Crop circles

Parapsychology: Dreaming, especially lucid dreaming


Parapsychology: Savants, geniuses, and the gifted

Parapsychology: Synchronicity
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Paranormal: UFOs, alien encounters and extraterrestrial life

Miscellaneous psi/psychic/paranormal phenomena

(The need for) Advocacy for

Parapsychology: Criticisms of / skeptical explanations for

Parapsychology: Skeptical explanations for: Cold reading

Parapsychology: Speculations on nature of and mechanisms for psi

Parapsychology: Super-psi

Parapsychology: The (in)compatibility of psi and physics

Parapsychology: Skeptiko (member) experiments investigating psi

Opportunities to participate in external experiments/surveys

Parapsychology: Techniques for inducing/enhancing psi

Parapsychology: Technologies exploiting/facilitating/mimicking psi

Parapsychology: Paranormally-inspired inventions/discoveries

In (science) fiction

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Anna Breytenbach

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Chico Xavier
  • Extended Consciousness & Spirituality forum threads:

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Felicia Parise

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Jack Houck

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Joe McMoneagle

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Nicolas Fraisse

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Robbert Van Den Broeke

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Ted Owens (the PK Man)

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: Uri Geller

Parapsychology: Prominent adepts at psi: William Buhlman

Parapsychology: Institutes of research

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: Esalen

Paranormal: Institutes of research: Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The American Society For Psychical Research (ASPR)

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The Farsight Institute

Parapsychology: Institute of Noetic Sciences

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The International Academy of Consciousness

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The Maimonides Dream Lab

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The Monroe Institute

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The Parapsychological Association (PA)

Parapsychology: Institutes of Research: The Rhine Research Center

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The Society for Psychical Research (SPR)

Parapsychology: Institutes of research: The University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies

Windbridge Research Center

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Daryl Bem

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Dean Radin

Guy Lyon Playfair

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Jeffrey Long

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Jim Tucker

John Mack

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Julie Beischel

Loyd Auerbach

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Penny Sartori

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Rupert Sheldrake

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Rupert Sheldrake: Morphic resonance

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Sam Parnia

Parapsychology: Individual researchers in: Stephen Braude

Parapsychology: Authors/bloggers/speakers

Parapsychology: Evidential matters including burden of proof of

Parapsychology: Research methodology of incl. statistics

Parapsychology: Variability of psi

Paradigm change and post-materialism

Is the paradigm changing? Is a new "consciousness culture" (or "revolution") emerging? If so, what is it like? What, generally, are the implications of psi and parapsychology, especially for science? What will a post-materialist paradigm and science look like?


Magic, alchemy, tarot and the occult


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(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Brian Cox

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Daniel Dennett

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Derren Brown

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: James Randi

(Pseudo-)skepticism: James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Lawrence Krauss

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Massimo Pigliucci

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Michael Shermer

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: PZ Myers

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Richard Carrier

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Richard Dawkins

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Sam Harris

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Sean Carroll

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Prominent figures in: Susan Blackmore

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Harrassment by

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Deception, duplicity and suppression by

(Pseudo-)skepticism: Coopting of Wikipedia/TED by

Proponents versus skeptics: (bridging?) the divide

Nomenclature (what to call those on either side of the divide between those who accept psi etc and those who reject it)

Debates on psi, spirituality, materialism, atheism, etc.

Reasoning about reality: why are we here, and what is the (nature of the) metaphysical system in which we are incarnated?

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers/thinking about metaphysics, science and the paranormal

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: Abraham H. Maslow

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: Bernardo Kastrup

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: Brian Josephson

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: Chris Langan

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: David Bohm

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: Robert Anton Wilson

Synthetic/big-picture thinkers: Tom Campbell

Epistemology and knowledge


Miscellaneous metaphysics

Origins / primary explanations (Why something instead of nothing?)


Neutral monism


Transcendental materialism

Materialism/physicalism incl. consequences, waning and refutations of

Matter (what is it?)


(Anti-)Realism; what "real" means

Philosophy (misc/general)



Outer space, the solar system and astronomy

The nature of mind and consciousness

Theories of consciousness

Integrated Information Theory (of consciousness)

The filter theory of consciousness

Orch-OR theory of consciousness

Emergentism (as a theory of consciousness)




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Free will (versus hard determinism)


Imagination and creativity


Thought, reason, argumentation, critical thinking, intuition, faith and belief




Consciousness/intelligence/traits in/of non-human life

Optical/perceptual illusions and hallucinations

Spirituality and religion

Meaning in life

Agape and spiritual/unconditional love

Theism, esp. concepts/proofs of God


Religion (general)

Individual religions / spiritual paradigms




[*] "Discuss the Show" threads not linked to a show:
[*] Critical discussions forum threads:
[*] Consciousness & Science forum threads:
[*] Extended Consciousness & Spirituality forum threads:












Philosophy of religion

Religion/spirituality and (versus?) science

Spirituality: techniques and general

Spirituality, religion and sex

Meditation and mindfulness

The soul

The self


Mind-body-spirit holism

Evil (the existence/nature of)

Pregnancy and birth

Death and suicide

Life after death

Hell (the existence/nature of)
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Health, healing and medicine

Spiritual and psychic healing/therapy modalities

Other complementary/alternative medicine



Hypnosis and hypnotic regression



Big pharma

Humans and society/culture


Morality: Non-human rights (animal and plant rights)

Relationship with/to non-humans incl. animals, plants and nature

Art (including music)

Love, romance, sex and relationships

Prejudice and discrimination: sexism, racism, etc

Paedophilia and child abuse


Law and the legal system

Mental "illness" and psychiatry

Media bias and censorship


Civilisation: Threats to



Politics: Differences between liberals and conservatives

Politics: Gun control

Politics: New world order / global elites / shadow government / conspiracy

Politics: 9/11

Flat Earth theory

Political correctness

Environmental politics

History and methods of historical analysis

Technology, including abstract


Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the singularity and transhumanism

Simulations / virtual realities


Science: Relationship to philosophy

Science: Philosophy of

Science: Corruption in, and criticisms/distrust of

Areas of (esp. controversial)

Physics, esp. quantum mechanics and its interpretations/implications

The Big Bang cosmology

Evolution versus intelligent design (plus Creationism)

Evolutionary psychology

Energy (including zero-point)

Climate change


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) / genetic engineering (GE) and related technologies

Genetic engineering of humans



Wide-ranging discussions that are too varied to categorise more specifically.
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Miscellaneous musings and speculations



Skeptiko: Critiques of

Skeptiko: Personal experiences of members

Skeptiko: Housekeeping

Alex Tsakiris: Interviews of

Alex Tsakiris: Critiques of

Book: Why Science is Wrong... About Almost Everything
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