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@Alex, any plans to revisit "Skeptiko at the Movies"? The new Blade Runner might be fun (exploring the difference between artificial and human consciousness) and "Flatliners" for obvious reasons.


good idea. but I haven't pulled the trigger on watching Flatliner yet. last I checked it had a 3% on the tomatometer!


We behold what we are, and we are what we behold
@Alex along the same lines as NDE’s, a really fascinating subject is deathbed visions and terminal lucidity. I recently came across a book by a linguist named Lisa Smartt. She wrote a book called “Words at the Threshold” where she has documented 2,000 accounts of some reeaaallly interesting end of life phenomena. What’s also great about her story is her father was a hardcore secular atheist and he had some of his own end of life visions. Check her out a little bit. Might be interesting to bring her on the show and discuss her research. You can find some other interviews she’s done by going to Apple’s podcast app and searching “Words at the Threshold” and you’ll automatically get four interviews. Thanks for all the great work you do!
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