Interview with a trance medium

Is there anything that "Jonathan" (or any other "spirit") says that can be verified and would serve as evidence that he really existed in this earth plane and that the medium wouldn't have known or been able to find out via normal research?

In other words, what convinces you that this is not fraud or delusion?
IMO a complete fraud!!!!
I did watch the video again of this medium lady. While it's somewhat of an impressive impersonator performance of an Victorian man, this could have all been set up before hand with the interviewer and rehearsed over and over till they got the right video cut; much like making a record in a recording studio. You do it over and over till you get the right sound. Its to easy now a days to fake everything and bullshit your way to stardom .

If this lady would subject herself to a group of unknown professional investigators in the parapsychology realms - in a laboratory setting- like Dr. Dean Radin with double blind and triple blind settings ,and did well then I would be more open to the fact she's the real deal. till then, I'm highly skeptical.
That was my impression - and I know that there are real mediums out there, having experienced one myself under tight controls.
I agree, there are some real mediums out there, maybe few and are few and far between though. Like I stated before, we as humans and probably some other animals have psychic experiences without question . I've had a few in life that came true, contact with what I would call ghosts in a , Victorian B&B here where I live , contact with dead friends that passed away from drugs , and a ball of silver light energy ;I'm sure everyone has had some strange things happen.

My beef with these frauds is they take advantage of peoples sorrows and tragedies in life , from losing family members to pets from passing, and other sorrows in life and charge them big bucks to so called communicate with them, or somehow make it big and sell books or whatever; its a total rip-off. The other frauds are these Wiccans who claim to be psychic too; they do the same thing.
Not in this interview. That wasn’t what I was going for, although I think it sets a stage when either myself or someone else could do a verification interview. Regarding mediumship in general, there is of course Dr. Julie Beisschel who’s been interviewed on Skeptiko.

I deliberately did not consider the possibility of fraud on Elaine’s part. Maybe more fool me, but I do not think it is likely that a woman would spend years overtly studying mediumship whilst covertly studying to perform a ventriloquist act. Furthermore, we know that people hear voices and experience shifting between different personality alters, so the experience Elaine is reporting is far from unique.

I don’t think delusion is an appropriate category. Let’s say that ‘Jonathan’ arises entirely in Elaine’s subconscious (I do acknowledge this possibility), whilst it may not be quite as interesting as a more literal explanation, the ability to form such a sub personality and have it appear as ‘real’ is still quite a thing. Could we all do this?

It may well be interesting to test Jonathan, but it would require some careful thought. He could be presented with a quiz on life in the 19th century. However, whilst I don’t believe Elaine is secretly an expert on Victorian Britain, obviously I couldn’t learn anything that technically she also could not,

Furthermore, what if Jonathan just said he couldn’t remember things due to being a spirit now? How would we know that isn’t the case?

I’m interested in his ability to ‘look into’ this world. He says he is aware of the historical events that have happened between his passing and now. He is also familiar with cultural references, he told me he knows what a ‘lightsaber’ is. This really opens up more questions than it answers. I asked him if he knew who shot JFK, as a way of asking ‘To what extent do you see world events?’ ‘Is there a limit to the detail?’ Also, if Jonathan understands a lightsaber, does he understand every cultural reference from every film ever? If he can see the Second World War, can he see me insert a picture into an envelope and tell me what the image is?

As I mentioned above, during my session with Jonathan I couldn’t relate to almost anything he said, with the exception that he got my Grandfather’s first name exactly right.
How about you ask her to verify things maybe about family members who passed pets ?? with specific finely tuned correct answers.
Well good timing, I’ll be focusing on this over the next two days.

I had a session with Jonathan. The information he gave me was largely generic and not specific - with one exception. He got my maternal grandfather’s name exactly right. He did not offer any other names during the session so it wasn’t a case of a scattergun approach.

Why would he have access to that information for reasons other than living in the same era?