Is Jacques Vallee a Mystic?

I'm sure there's many people on this forum who have a deep appreciation for Jacques Vallee's work over the decades. Some, like myself, may even have had their appreciation, understanding & even experience of the "paranormal" deepened in some ways by reading and pondering over Vallee's writings. I have always felt there's that special "something" about the way he thinks.....he was a revolutionary in the "UFO" scene, no doubt.

But, on all surface appearances, he's just some rational scientist doing his thing, albeit coming up with wonderful ideas that have no doubt impacted so many people on an almost "soulful" level?

So, it's lovely to be able to connect with Jacques on a different level, a level I feel at home in personally:

"I find new beauty in the whole world: sky and creatures, winds and tides, vents et marees.... Is it
possible to love to the point of madness without knowing what it is we love? An invisible presence passes through my life and caresses me this morning with indescribable tenderness. I submit joyfully."
Forbidden Science, volume 1, pages 300-301

This could have been written by Rumi!


Ah, great quote.

Also nice to see the positive side of the "invisible presence" attached to Vallee. Seems to me he usually gets associated with a more negative, Gnostic-Archon interpretation of the paranormal?
Noooo Sciborg nooooo!! :mad:;)

Can I ask if you've read anything of Vallee's directly, and if so which one/s?

If you haven't read anything of his, try Passport to Magonia. The Forbidden Science volumes are a great place to get to know him on a personal & intimate level, but I guess that's more for the fans (or those who want a real peek inside the world of serious high-level ufo investigations).

I can only assume any kind of association of Vallee with "more negative, Gnostic-Archon interpretation of the paranormal" stems from some of the ideas he presents in that trilogy of books I think is called "Dimensions", but I strongly feel it would be a mistake to identify Vallee himself exclusively with those ideas as I really don't think that shows what kind of mind or beliefs/understandings he has more broadly speaking.

Besides the fact he presents numerous other ideas unrelated to this "negative" control system idea.....I actually challenge anybody to follow his entire line of reasoning in regards some sort of "control system", in context of his very real experiences with ufology at the highest levels, and not at least consider as logically or reasonably plausible his speculation about a "control system"? It is laid out quite impartially, unemotionally & logically, and it is hard not see at least some element of truth in his reasoning.

But it would be a mistake, imo, to mainly or even slightly associate Vallee's own inner or emotional state of being with some kind of negative, conspiratorial really isn't what Vallee represents on any level, at least to me! Read Passport to Magonia, the Dimensions trilogy, then his Forbidden Science diaries.......and a truer, completely different, picture emerges. I think the above quote shows that, in some way.....

Right, enough "defence" of Vallee, I'm beginning to sound like a fan-boy ;)