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This is tied up with the previous parallel "The Real King of the Jews" in the sense that when Jesus was delivered to Caesar he was carried in the right way, so that he survives the poisoning by the dangerous reed that has a similar name to Son(bar), hence recovered "under the physician's hands".
Pedanius Dioscorides was the chief physician and botanist accompanying Vespasian and Titus into Judea. Eleazar was carried away like a dangerous root - later to Thecoa, where he is "hung on a tree" as a "branch" and then "pruned" and "recovered". Pedanius grafts the magic root of baaras or "son" onto him. This process transforms Eleazar from a "root" that causes the Jews to be possessed by a demonic spirit into the "root" that dispels demons. Eleazar has become Jesus (who died in the same process).

Later, he is pressed on the Mount of Olives where he sweats blood.
Once you understand Simon (Peter)'s fate as a prisoner to be executed then this becomes one of the best propaganda parallels in 1st century scripture - "The keys to the kingdom of Rome"!
OK, Joe got this parallel wrong and I couldn't find it either - but the Flavian Signature found it since both sides exist in the logical place - in-between "Keep holy the Sabbath by restoring the right hand" and "Fear rather than death"!

chotki, I would love to, but evidently you have an agenda; I could be wrong, but I believe you are like these guys:
But you have been hired to do the opposite - smear Atwill's work. So - because of that bias - I have but to decline your proposal.
I'm sure you are an intelligent guy - but you have to face facts: like the watermen who offered transport across rivers before bridges were built - you may lose your job in this field - but that won't stop you finding another career.
I rest my case.

"When the rebels fled into the city and the sanctuary and all the buildings round about it were burned, the Romans brought their ensigns to the temple and set them opposite its eastern gate, where they sacrificed to them and with loud shouts of joy acclaimed Titus as emperor."