Johnny Vedmore, Henry and Klaus |579|

I am totally convinced by the arguments that the Discovery Institute has presented that prove that we did not get here by evolution by natural selection. (I'm just not a Christian or similar, so I interpret their results to mean that some entity or entities designed us. Given the subtle nature of time that seems exist in the afterworld, it is even possibly that we designed our own physical shells!

Yes, I think there has been a lot of "tweaking" of organisms and the environment with plenty of time in between to allow things to settle in and balance out. One aspect of the "natural" is that it involves a web of interactions, and energy exchanges with every agent balanced precariously between survive and thrive and when things get out of balance there tends to be a mechanism that either corrects that or the environment and web of life adapts to the new balance.

Again, from my perspective, there is no evolutionary process if it is to be driven by chance!

But again, I think it is a hybrid of chance/evolution and artificial tweaks to organism and/or environment.

I reckon that is getting into the realms of excessive speculation right now, but DID is very intriguing. There are cases reported in Irreducible Mind in which different personalities of a single individual differed medically - e.g. needed different prescriptions for their eyes. There is so much exciting stuff that could be explored if only most researchers would take off their silly materialistic hats.

Yes or what about these cases of people getting a brain injury, stroke, NDE, or some other trauma and come back from it with a foreign accent or they have a new skill downloaded and they can suddenly create master level art. It is as if they literally received an access key to some stored program that was downloaded to them.