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Sadly, and I take no joy in saying this, but there has never been nor ever was a nation on this planet that hasn't abused, exploited, or murdered another group. I say this only to put things in perspective as many woke friends of mine seem to think history started in the last ten years.
I sure as heck hope your island doesn't disappear beneath the waves. The studies coming in are showing that Global Warming is getting worse NOT better, and we're seeing it here in Nova Scotia. We've had record heat bombs that have killed many citizens. The west of Canada and the US is becoming a desert. The east is becoming a flooded nightmare. And we're just beginning.
And imagine. Some people still disbelief in anthropomorphic climate change. It's stunning.
You'll believe humans create pollution. You'll believe they fish the ocean into a desert. But you can't believe for some reason that 7 billion people releasing toxins into the atmosphere through industrial and commercial waste can affect the climate.
Thanks for acknowledging the possibility of me & mine maybe living in Water World at some point. I don't think it's completely beyond the realm of possibility that Cebu Island could have a super-sized earthquake that could lower it enough to make rising ocean levels a game-changer. There's also an apparent lack of concern about ppl hauling away coastal sand for construction. I saw at least 5 men digging sand & loading it into small barges right off the city's market shore.
Another bad side to global warming of the oceans is the Irukandjii jellyfish, which used to be limited to the warmest waters of the Pacific is spreading out its range b/c the surrounding waters are warming so drastically. They're especially dangerous b/c they're so small; about a 2 inch bell & practically transparent. I saw a Nat'l Geo program on them that led w/ the story of a man who was snorkeling & got stung on his chest & died an extremely painful death shortly after. There was a teenager here who died from a jellyfish sting not too long ago. So, no more ocean swimming for me!
I don't know if you're into the alien/ET scenario that our existence as talking monkeys is largely due to ET tinkering. I tend to think they're still around & keeping an eye on us for any number of reasons. What's kind of frustrating is that ET is quite concerned w/ the tremendous damage we're doing to the planet, but they seem to want to watch this play out by staying hands-off. Another angle is Jason Reza Jorjani's The Breakaway Civilization, a really fascinating take on the idea that a hidden society of men & ETs are lodged around the world & preparing for a move to Mars, among other things.
Last thing: I don't swallow much of anything anymore, but this video is a mind-blower
I think it's fair to say, that the system that has made the ultra-wealthy is the issue, and people can be good and bad as it seems. I wouldn't identify it as "economic racism" myself, as the whole "class warfare" line has always been used by the ultra rich to keep the poor in check. Just as the argument that "they are just lazy". No they aren't enmasse. Most of the poor people I know are working two sometimes three jobs just to get by.
And no, they can't all learn to code. Just as a coder can't learn to be a dancer instead. We all gravitate to the things we have an interest in and generally are good at.
The problem of course is the way we reward people in this corrupt system. People on Wall Street who effectively make NOTHING are living like demons of avarice and mothers who everyone recognizes have some of the most important jobs, hell anything involving the raising of what people cheekily refer to as "our greatest resource" the next generation live close to the poverty line.

Any society that creates billionaires in the first place is doomed, in my opinion. After a while, people get tired of having their necks stood on and are told that it's good for them.
This guy got it over a decade ago, but everyone covers up the truth.
I'm fifty-four. I've travelled and lived in Mexico for a couple of months, across all of the US (sans Hawaii and Alaska), England, Scotland, France, Germany Switzerland, Italy, and hitchhiked, biked, walked, drove, bussed, flown over, and now was on a train across all of Canada with the exception of the Territories. Does that help give me better credentials?

I don't believe I would EVER say "trust authority". I said "Trust but verify" for everything. Governments. Personal relationships. Corporations. Community members. Family members. It's the only way to live in the world and not hide in the basement with a shotgun in your hand.
Yes, all kinds of people CAN lie and DO lie. That doesn't mean EVERYONE does.

This is the same foul argument I try to dissuade my students from giving. The whole, "I respect people who earn my respect".
That's bullshit. It's a sure-fire way to make sure NO ONE respects anyone. You respect someone until they give you a reason NOT to, and then a reason TO DO SO again.

American paranoia is something I will never understand. It is not productive. It doesn't make the world a better place. It's a guide to an unhappy life and an early death through stress. On top of the fact that it's not rational.
I see. So, as I read down on your post I was wondering if the law was after you or something. I don't like your tone on "foul argument". Foul argument pshhh. Decent argument maybe.

Of course, we ALL love everybody until they give us a reason, but since I've seen behind some "walls" shall we say, man... mankind is kind of messed up. I mean we got a LOT of real freaks out there & they look as sane as you or me. Wealthy too. BEAUTIFUL mansions I've been in with the most "foul" of people. Grandpa would give you shivers.

So you're a teacher? Well, professor, you should take a nice look around & understand who the people are who like to get near kids. They pick that career path as well. No, you are wrong. Here is why. The kids you teach ARE actually usually pretty innocent, oh I know they can be real pistols but they (in general/even the "mean girls or boys") are stupid. They trust too easily.

As an educator, I would expect you to be more protective my friend. You should stand up there & tell them the truth, you may come across a coach or a store manager (you work for) who will try to touch you. TELL. Tell them they can trust you (if it's true) and they can come to tell you & you will help.

I have an assignment for you, it's going to be kind of weird at first (I take it you're a man?/ which will make this harder) but when you are in a group of women, ask them if any of them were approached as a child in a sexual (bad) way. Be ready to be shocked. I have done this often, in offices, social gatherings, and yet I have not had any group tell me no. That's right. Do you want the truth?

I've asked this of groups of women in social/business settings, why I bet if you asked here, you'd be shocked at the numbers. Boys won't tell. But women will tell another woman they trust or is trustworthy. If you asked me I could tell you, the neighbor, the druggist, the man on the bus, the theater, the local store owner, the mailman, the teacher. Some were terrifying encounters, but I got away each time because I can run fast & somebody told me (when I was little) I could run away & I wouldn't get in trouble not obeying an adult. My husband thinks it was because I had golden hair & blue eyes, I think evil preys on innocent people.

THAT is the message you should be telling students. RUN. I don't know where you live but if it is a college town or larger town, you have them all around you. Some are well organized, don't make me have to tell you about who works at Amber Alert & why & the Clinton connection to her.

You're old enough now to do your own research. Jesus dude. Hey, let me say I'm actually nice, if I saw something going down I would jump in (and have) to save a life when the odds were against me. I'm not scared. And now for an intermission:
Yes, it is a knotty problem. It's a form of 'economic racism' I suppose, but I really don't go out of my way condemning all wealthy ppl. As you adroitly pointed out, who sets the criteria for who is & who isn't? I'm just a lot more careful to get receipts & count my change around them. There was a Ponzi scheme going on in Bogo that the greedy just couldn't pass up & quite few lost their shirts, especially this one cousin of my wife who's known for dirty dealing (appropriate in his case), but the guy who was behind it was a very wealthy man. I thought who had started it up had to be b/c of the amount of promised interest he was handing out until it collapsed.
There was an example of that rich, bad, poor, maybe okay, here, too. This comparatively wealthy police colonel's concubine told me that her man had told her the "rich are better ppl." I had a good laugh b/c I became an overnight millionaire (in pesos) when I moved to Cebu Island; I'm sure my wife would attest to the fact I didn't change into a better person overnight as well.
My longest-known & best friend in Texas has a brother whose quite well off. Flew airliners for American Airlines after 20 years in the Air Force. I referred to him as rich & he acted surprised & said, "Me rich? I'm not rich!" I don't know all his income ( I know he has 3 rent houses ), but he told his brother his monthly check from A.A. is over $16,000. That's 4 times my monthly check at the highest paying point in my teaching career!
It's rather curious thing this. I come from a moderately wealthy family. I my self am by far the poorest of the lott, but I am considered where I live in Colombia to to be quite wealthy even by people who make more money then me here. When I point this fact out it does not registrar at all. Which means it , the belief, has no mathamatical rationality to it, purely perception.
Beyound basic shelter and food; the wealthy flaut their wealth obviously - a ego feed. The poor are convinced they are all assholes but would love to be one of the assholes. And some achieve this statis and become assholes. Conclusion; the basic thinking or essentials of rich and poor are the same. They all hold the same belief structures.
This evaluation of value. What a thing is worth, which then wraps back into a spiritual question.
But if the non-local is where the spirituality lies then we are
Long way from home indeed.
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