Joseph Atwill, Why the Bible is Pro-Roman |464|

...the idea that Romans landed in Galilee to begin a major military campaign and just happened to pick up this Jewish general/traitor along the way, and then asked him to serve as their primary historian of the events... boy, that's pretty hollywood.
The Romans and all imperial systems have a long history of co-opting local aristocracy to do their bidding.


Edomite (pretending to be Judean) King Herod was a Roman stooge:

The Indian Raj aristocrats who served the British Empire to control a country of millions with only 30,000 troops:

The Saudi Monarchy who serve the U.S. Empire's wars for oil and Israel in the Middle East.

I just learned from Wikipedia there is even a word for this: " Suzeranity "
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Joseph Atwill, Why the Bible is Pro-Roman |464|
by Alex Tsakiris | Sep 22 | Skepticism

Joseph Atwill’s insights about the relationship between power and religion seem more relevant than ever.

photo by: Skeptiko
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That’s a clip from Gladiator, and although the movie is fiction, people who really know Roman history, like today’s guest Joseph Atwill, will tell you that the movie is spot on when it comes to the kind of political manipulation, mind control and conspiracy wielding that the Romans had mastered 2000 years ago.
Of course, this movie has another side to it, a very deep interpersonal family and spiritual angle to it, which, as we all know, plays a much greater role in the rough and tumble world of world politics and social engineering. I love this next piece.
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Today’s guest on Skeptiko, Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar’s Messiah, has become a real cornerstone in my understanding of how we should approach so many of the deepest, most important questions about religion and spirituality, well, from a Skeptiko perspective at least. At any rate, it was so great to reconnect with Joe and be reminded how especially relevant his work is today.
Joseph Atwill: [00:01:55] Yeah, I actually am quite, intrigued and supportive of your perspective on consciousness because of its political aspect. And, of course, given my background, obviously the first thing I’m looking at is how are our ideas about ourselves manipulated politically? Have we been basically given an idea about our consciousness that is untrue, just so that we can be more easily ruled? And the idea that we are an illusion is, in my mind, a decadent political position. And it’s not even worthwhile discussing in terms of it as spirituality, because you already have this enormous problem, that if you think of yourself as an illusion, if you think of life as something that is absurd or meaningless, then you basically don’t have the right kind of resiliency, in terms of coherent political perspective.
I like Joseph Atwill, for the most part. But in one of his interviews I heard him say that “The Doors” were CIA operatives.I understand that Jim Morrison’s father was the admiral in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, but Musicians and artists who “make it” into the public spotlight tend to be the children of affluent people who rebel against their parents. They might have been able to get their hands on that CIA grade acid, but it’s hard to fake a band like the Doors. The Byrds, maybe, but not the Doors.
I like Joseph Atwill, ...I heard him say that “The Doors” were CIA operatives.
He stole that from Jan Irvin of Logos Media back when they used to collaborate.

Jan's excellent old work is the basis of Atwill's "Lifetime Ak-Tor" schtick. Atwill's career is based upon stealing the research of others and presenting it without attribution.

I met with Jan in Los Angeles about 10 years ago. He really is a nice guy in person, but went off the rails with some type of psychosis about three years ago, I think related to a woman he was dating.