Jurgen Ziewe is bringing Virtual Reality to the Spiritual Experience |465|

We live on such a beautiful planet. This remarkable blue and green planet that we are inhabiting, filled with air everywhere for us to breath, water for us to fill our bodies. Plant and animal life. We’re illuminated and heated by the sun.

We have our own moon goddess that moves the waters. The water that surrounds us, and the water inside of us. And she shows us the cycle of death, birth and rebirth. Further out, there are stars. And the light of stars is information rich. if we let the starlight in, it teaches us everything we need to know.

We are in great danger because science excludes the ancestors. We’re so entangled with what has happened in the past that has not been reckoned with, that has not been reconciled. That has not been given its place. We have not been allowed to grieve. We have not been able to express remorse for the damage that has been done. We are not allowed to offer restitution to the descendants of those who suffered. We are entangled with our own ancestors, and the ancestors of the victims and the perpetrators who are part of the systems.

Tonight, the singular human being, the one person on earth who is designated as the most powerful person on earth has a temperament of a toddler, the appetite of a child. In his temper tantrums, and his greed and fits, he’s showing us the shadow of perpetration that the academics, scientists and experts are unwilling to face. In his immaturity, he’s giving us one last chance to grow up.

Our planet is collapsing. The plants and the animals are collapsing. The water and the air are becoming ever more polluted with toxins and smoke and plastics. The consciousness of the universe is arriving. Whether angels or extraterrestrials or gods and goddesses, star beings, the ancient ones, they are arriving at the doors of our hearts, and giving us one more invitation to wake up and to open our hearts; the front doors and the back doors. Inviting us to mature and include them, to discover what is possible as human beings. What would it be like if we had all this technology, and we also had the wisdom to survive it?
That show was a wonderful trip. Good stuff. I hope @Wormwood managed to catch it since he was the one hucking Alex to get Jurgen back on.

Okay, this is emphatically not aimed at Mr. Ziewe:

To be fair to @garry, when we're dealing with extended consciousness experiences, as opposed to questions of are my children really mine or is David Baily doing the devil's bidding (a moot point), the territory is far trickier to navigate, and the possibility for error, if not necessarily deception, is decidedly higher.

Sticking with the deception angle, two examples spring to mind. First is the case of science fiction author Philip K. Dick (he of Blade Runner fame and something of a genius). In 1974 Mr. Dick had a series of experiences in which he was zapped by a pink light emanating from a being he nicknamed Zebra owing to its propensity to hide in the form of everyday objects. Zebra's pink light apparently uploaded vast streams of visionary and mystical information into his brain. The phenomena persisted intermittently for some time and Dick felt guided by other worldly beings as he continued to receive uploads and cryptic insights into the nature of reality. At some point (after, I think, a period of a few months), and much to the author's dismay, the visions ceased.

We cannot know for sure the reality behind this experience. But what we can say is that it wrecked the man's creativity for good and he spent the remainder of his life, convinced as he was of his status as a prophet and visionary, giving talks on the subject and filling up thousands of pages with semi-coherent attempts to make sense of his experiences.

Point being, if Zebra was real, was it as benevolent as Dick believed and did it really have his best interests at heart?

Philip K. Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982)

Similarly, Terence McKenna, a man whom I adore, spent decades communing with 'THE MUSHROOM' as it took him on cosmic quests and invigorating journeys of great beauty and intriguing, if somewhat obscure, significance. Until, that is, one day the Shroom, that presence he new and loved so well, changed tack and gave him a vision of the cosmos as a vast and meaningless machine grinding down any hopes of a significant existence. This experience is said to have haunted McKenna for the rest of his too short life.

As with Zebra, was The Mushroom as benevolent as it appeared for so long?

Terence McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000)

And while I am aware that appealing to authority is a classic logical fallacy, perhaps we should wonder why some spiritual traditions tell us to be very wary of exceptional visionary experiences. This could be particularly wise given our age's understandable craving for the spiritually fantastical.

Again, absolutely none of this is aimed at Jurgen. I just thought Garry's point wasn't totally irrelevant and reactionary. It's a balancing act, I suppose.
I finally checked it out! I was off the internet (generally) for a while for a few personal reasons. Glad Alex had him on. But sorry I missed the boat on the convo! Although I do converse with Jurgen on occasion. He’s quite the popular guy in the Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics group.
If - as you state here, "all of this anchored by my core operational assumption that I am 100% responsible for everything of my experience, my eternal, identity based experience. 100%", then the opening part of the post, where you describe your current experience, is yours too. That is, the perception of "complete, utter absurdity" isn't an absolute, something on which everyone can agree, but something of your own creation, isn't it? That being so, could there be a possibility to choose a different perception?
I sure hope so... and then "the data" gets in the way. Lesson opportunity? Stay away from the data stream? Well, for the most part (since "the steal"), I have been and the results are good.