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Do you have any actual evidence that Epstein is still alive? I am pretty sure he was murdered to keep him from talking.

Since there is no video evidence we won't know categorically. If I were him I would have set up a dead man's switch so in the case of my murder all my "friends" would be outed to the press. Also the 12 million USD that started moving around in his bank; seemed a tad suspicious...


Alex, I tend to favor Westall over the anti-Annett smears. Here is a recent Westall endorsement: in a Jan 2020 interview. (There are crazy smears going on, including the claim that in this interview Sarah is a clone. Annett is claimed to be an alien at another anti-Annett website, a website which carried the R. Kavanagh video).

Annett interview with Sarah Westall Jan 2020.
great. thx for this.

I think the smearing, disbelieving and denying is a super interesting part of the whistleblowing process. unfortunately kevin is a great living example the process.


A bit of evil here for you, this time, it narrates the industrial scale rape campaign perpetrated by the Soviet troops in Germany in 1945. millions of German women, ages 4 to 85, were raped, most of them to death. This is from the memoirs of the Russian painter L. N. Rabichev, IIWW veteran who personally witnessed Soviet atrocities in Germany. I quickly translates this chapter from Russian, the translation doesn't pretend to be literary.

February 1945 East Prussia.

We crossed the street. The house is one-story, with several residential and office extensions, and at the entrance there is a horse carriage. Three large rooms, two dead women and three dead girls, all with their skirts up, and between their legs, empty wine bottles protruding outward. I walk along the wall of the house, the second door, a corridor, a door and two more adjoining rooms, on each of the beds, there are three of them, dead women with open legs and bottles protruding from there.
It looked like everyone was raped and shot. Pillows are covered in blood. But where does this sadistic desire come from — to stick the bottles in? Our infantry, our tank crews, country and city boys, all of them have mothers, sisters, girlfriends….
I understand - killing in battle, kill or get killed. After the first kill, one experiences shock, or starts vomiting, or develops a fever. But here, there is some terrible sadistic game, something like a competition: who will stick more bottles between women’s legs, and it’s the same in every house. No, it wasn't us, army communications. These are infantrymen, tankers, artillery guys. They entered civilian houses first …
... Yes, it was five months ago, when our troops in East Prussia caught up with the evacuating civilians from Goldap, Insterburg and other cities left by the German army. By carts and cars, on foot, old men, women, children, large patriarchal families, on all roads and highways of the country were slowly moving to the west.
Our tankers, infantrymen, artillerymen, signalmen caught up with them in order to clear the way, threw in the ditches their carts with furniture, their bags, suitcases, horses, pushed old people and children to the sides of the highway, and, forgetting about duty and honor and about German units retreating without a fight, threw themselves by thousands on women and girls.

Women, mothers and their daughters, on their backs right and left along the highway, in front of each one there is a cackling mass of men with their pants down.
Those who are hemorrhaging and fainting are being pulled aside. Children, rushing to help them, are shot. Cackling, growling, laughing, shouting and groaning. And their commanders, their majors and colonels are standing on the highway, chuckling and directing, no, rather, regulating, so that all their soldiers, without exception, take part. No, not for the sake of mutual implication, and not at all for the sake of revenge on the accursed invaders - just for the sake of this hellish deadly group sex.
Permissiveness, impunity, impersonality and the cruel logic of a crazed crowd. Shocked, I sat in the cabin of the truck, while my driver Demidov stood in the rape line, and I was imagining Flaubert’s Carthage, realizing that one couldn’t blame everything on the war. The colonel, the one that was directing the show, couldn’t take it anymore and got in line himself, while the major was shooting hysterical children and elderly that were witnessing this horror. “Enough! Into the cars!” Behind us there is the next army division. Then, another stop, and I can not stop my soldiers from forming new rape lines, and my telephone girls are choking with laughter, and my nausea rises to my throat. Mountains of rags, overturned carts, corpses of women, old people, children, all the way up to the horizon.
The highway is free for traffic. It's getting dark. Left and right there are German folwarks (ranches). We get the order to camp for the night. This is part of the headquarters of our army: the artillery, air defence and political department officers. Me and my platoon control get a folwark two kilometers from the highway. In all rooms, the corpses of children, the elderly and raped and shot women. We are so tired that, not paying attention to them, we lie down on the floor between them and fall asleep.
... Well, I’m helping to carry out the corpses. I suddenly froze by the wall of the house.
Springtime, the first green grass on the lawn, the bright hot sun. Our house has a pointed Gothic-style roof, covered with red tiles, probably about two hundred years old, a courtyard, paved with stone slabs, about 5 hundred year old.
In Europe, we are in Europe!
I was daydreaming, and suddenly two sixteen-year-old German girls entered the open gates. In their eyes there is no fear, but terrible anxiety. They saw me, ran up and, interrupting each other, started trying to explain something to me in German. I do not know the language, but I hear the words “Mutter”, “Vater”, “Bruder”.
It becomes clear to me that in a panic-driven flight they had lost their family somewhere.
I feel terribly sorry for them, then I realize that they need to run away from our HQ as fast as they can, so I tell them:
- Mutter, Vater, Bruder - nicht! - and point with a finger at the second distant gate - there, go! And I start pushing them.

Then they understand me, they are running away, disappear from sight, and I sigh with relief - at least I saved two girls, and go to the second floor to my telephones, to watch the movement of military personnel, but less than twenty minutes pass before I hear shouting, yelling, laughing, cursing.
I rush to the window.
On the steps of the house there is Major A. and two sergeants, who are twisting the arms of those same two girls, and right in front of them, all the staff officers — the chauffeur, the orderlies, the scribes, the messengers.
- Nikolaev, Sidorov, Kharitonov, Pimenov ... - orders major A. - Take the girls by the arms and legs, skirts and blouses off! Form two lines-ho! Undo your belts, pants and pull them off-ho! Right and left, one by one, start-ho!
A. commands, and my signalmen, my platoon, run down the stairs from the house and take place in lines. And two girls “saved” by me lie on ancient stone slabs, hands in grip, mouths are crammed with kerchiefs, legs spread apart - they are no longer trying to break free from the hands of four sergeants, and the fifth tears off and rips apart their blouses, bras, skirts and panties to pieces.
My telephone girls run out of the house - laughter and cursing.
And the lines do not get shorter, some rise, others descend, and there are already pools of blood around the martyrs, and there is no end to the lines, the cackling and the cursing.
The girls are already unconscious, but the orgy continues.
Major A. directs proudly with his arms up in the air. But now the last one gets up, and the sergeants-assassins attack two half-dead bodies.
Major A. pulls a revolver from his holster and shoots into the bloodied mouths of the martyrs, and the sergeants drag their mutilated bodies in the pigsty, and hungry pigs begin to tear off their ears, noses, breasts, and in a few minutes only two skulls, bones, vertebrae is all that’s left of them.
I'm scared, disgusted.
Suddenly, nausea rushes to my throat, and it turns my insides out.
Major A. - God, what a scoundrel!
I can not work, run out of the house without thinking where to go, I walk around, come back, I can’t , I have to look in the pigsty.
There are bloodshot pig's eyes in front of me, and mixed with the straws and pork manure there are two skulls, a jaw, several vertebrae and bones and two small golden crosses - two girls “saved” by me.
L. N. Rabichev

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horrible. I did not know about this history.
Agreed... But this is tricky, eh? I keep coming back to the question of complicity... can I acknowledge that the evil I see is a reflection of my own evil still move forward to transcend / transmuted it both internally and externally?
Thank you for your recent focus on evil. Annett’s, Dizdar’s, and Lucas’ voices together were powerful (overwhelming) creating a resonance/springboard for exploration.

Thanks also for your follow up question; it made me really think and refine my position. Finally thanks to the member who suggested the site where Kim Michaels called evil “a choice”.

Sorry for the length of the following but I feel we are in a race against time. The more models/products/ideas we can create to embody the truth around our humanity and good/evil the easier it will be to counteract the oncoming total enslavement the psychopaths are devising.

TL;DR: Light/dark (joy/suffering) are part of human experience on the material plane. Good and evil are choices. Evil people are manipulating the light/dark dialectic to create a false, mechanical eden available to only a select few, discouraging human ascension to a “true” eden of equality, plenty, and empowerment.

Using a two axis graph - assume the horizontal axis is dark/light; the vertical axis is good/evil. Our physical experience (i.e. horizontal axis) is composed of joy/suffering; dark/light. Being human involves mediating and integrating positive and negative experiences to ascend on the vertical axis.

Our collective “mediations” create energy and physical forms (i.e. buildings, money, etc.) on the material plane to help ease our suffering and facilitate our ascension towards self/collective realisation.

The vertical axis contains a spectrum of good/evil exemplars. As group animals we look up to/give our power to exemplars of good to guide our individual paths. The psychopaths (extreme evil at the bottom of the vertical axis) have realised that people will do anything to avoid pain and suffering. The psychopaths position themselves on the physical plane as “good” set against “an other (bad)”. They position it that one can only be either good or bad.

The problem is that our natural state as humans is to accept, integrate, and transcend light and dark with compassion. When we keep externalising (or avoiding) the negative it collects onto a false “other’. We stay locked in a material struggle that is destructive and has no resolution; where the suffering continues and intensifies. For the psychopaths it’s fine because the dialect produces the energy (money) they hoard and use to insulate themselves from pain.

In apocalyptic times (one of which we have just entered) the veil is lifted and the ruse exposed. The wolves’ sheep clothing is shed revealing their true nature. We are confused when the beautiful, rhetoric spouting “good” people are exposed as evil. We are so programmed to think they are “good” we are paralysed to act. Also as they have stripped us of our true humanity we are completely asea and go crawling back to them with no alternative.

The wolves are doing everything now to further solidify their power.

They have a lot of tools at their disposal the most effective of which has been limiting operations to the purely material - anyone suggesting other realms is a pseudoscientific kook. The psychopaths are now getting even better tools through drugs, AI, 5G, buying off abettors, etc. right at the moment when people are “waking up”.

I thought it was really powerful when Lucas described that, in the midst of her abuse, she held in her mind a vision of her abuser as himself a broken, abused child. I think it is acts such as this that reveal our true power as humans to not be confused when light and dark intermingle but to understand when a broken person has “chosen” evil because the power (money, etc.) masks their pain.

I am holding in my mind’s eye a vision of Weinstein where instead of him entering a courtroom on a walker, surrounded by his attorneys/paid off abettors spinning yarns about his accusers’ lack of sanity; he is instead being led off into the forest by a group of healers…
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This was actually one of the 3 anecdotes that made me suspicious. Whether or not Native Americans did simply rid themselves of abusers by offing them in the forest does not address the right question—Was this an effective strategy? That’s the question. Who gives a crap what anyone does about anything if it doesn’t actually work, right?

So, therefore, we have a law, with courts, and a system that is supposed to protect the innocent. I agree it’s not functioning correctly. The courts aren’t working any better than the Native American attempts, because we still have an escalating issue. And, ‘accepting evil’ is probably the biggest problem right there, too many are just accepting it. It’s like, well, I’m just a little bit morbidly obese, not a problem!

Stop accepting evil, in yourself and others, how about that, for starters?!
Thanks for your response, I can see I wasn't clear. I realise I meant "recognise as the basis for taking action" as opposed to "accept". I think we have been programmed to think too much in absolutes - an entity can be either good or bad but not both. Hence why there is a lot of cognitive dissonance around the crimes of a "good" institution like the Catholic Church. I have refined my thinking (see post below).

Thank You, empireambler for this excellent post

That it is a choice POV is, IMO, a critically important view for each individual to explore because - "Doesn't responsibility start with each individual?"

drugs, AI and 5G... also brilliant to point out.
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This is a really good point, and I disagree. The guilt SHOULD NOT be unique to white people/Westerners, but it is.
No other peoples are being singled out as enslavers, killers, occupiers, colonists, thought they all are. So, why are white folk being scapegoated? That’s what’s really happening on the global stage.
IMO Wormwood is 100% right. Understand, never before has there been a global, organized, corporate controlled, Western based (central bankers at the heart) media. It is this machine that is pointing the finger. If you fall for it, you are feeding the monster. For a great read that discusses this very scam - "White Guilt" read the book by that very name by Shelby Steele.

It is so key to the point (one of the ones made by Kim Michaels on - it is so key to what empireambler's post is highlighting (at least this is what I get out of it) - that each individual must make this choice for themselves and when darkness from within presents itself, own it, and consciously choose "good" and work with others that they realize they also have this choice and can start making that choice now... the soul is always ready IMO.
I am holding in my mind’s eye a vision of Weinstein where instead of him entering a courtroom on a walker, surrounded by his attorneys/paid off abettors spinning yarns about his accusers’ lack of sanity; he is instead being led off into the forest by a group of healers…
It sounds nice, but utopian. Your post is very compelling and I hadn’t seen that site earlier that you just reposted, so I’ll check it out now.

I think it’s very comforting to believe he can be healed enough to stop choosing evil. I read once about a tribe that when a member does an evil act, they shower him with love and approval, and apparently this works for them.

But it seems more like to me a cop-out, b/c administering punishment is a very difficult thing, that’s why societies so easily become lax and permissive. It’s really challenging to be the ‘bad cop’ and take on the unpopular role of standards and discipline and retribution to society.

I think it would be more healing for his victims and society to not see him cared for and treated as special anymore, his fortune redistributed, so that he goes into the afterlife consistently as he lived—creating misery and terror. This would send a message to others choosing evil that their life will also end in suffering and alienation.
On, Kim presents a paradigm. Within the framework of her paradigm, it is my opinion she makes excellent points. I have moved past this type of paradigm and to share about it would likely ruffle feathers. Oh well...

Her point about good and evil being a choice... I see an eschatological "end times" just as much "a choice."

I prefer to view "Me" (featuring individualization) as a "soul" thus that which folks call death is simply a transition of my primary point of view from this physical realm to some point in extended reality. I understand what I just wrote is nothing more than a personal wish, hope, dream, desire... and so I view it as simply "an operational assumption," nothing more.

My primary cosmological, metaphysical world view is (like Bernardo Kastrup) "monistic idealism" and I understand this, as well, is nothing more than an assumption, but it is my primary operational assumption.

I view the answer to "who am I" as viewable in three parts, The All that Is, Me (as soul) and me as this one life therefore whatever befalls me is my own personal responsibility... I am no one's victim and I have no escape from this responsibility.

The light and dark are of me and thus, within me. Whichever I choose is my choice. If I fall for the "I am good" or "I am bad" game and decide I must strive to be "good" I set myself up for the darkness to be buried in regions of consciousness other than my ordinary consciousness and by doing this, I free that darkness to wield its will on others and myself. I have forsaken my responsibility, will assuredly experience the result and raise the odds others do as well. So I own "it" (the darkness) just like the light. I have only come to learn this in the last several months. As the darkness is relentless and insidious, I strive to remain vigilant when it arises within me as much as without me.

For me, "good" and "evil" are not third parties.
In realms of form where conscious agency arises, you will always have contrast and each conscious agent will assess it (judge it) differently. Each will make choices differently. Darkness and light cannot be avoided. Neither can be alone enjoined. They are to be navigated and it seems likely that as long as conscious agency exists, so will darkness and light, so will good and evil.
history might suggest otherwise. I mean, doesn't our current situation have many parallels with other times in recorded history. moreover I'm working on my second interview with bruce fenton and his research pushes the shenanigans back a lot further than that.
Not sure about Bruce F., thanks for update, need to hear that first interview. For what it’s worth, I don’t feel any unusual rush or push just now energetically either, if that’s what he’s saying. I feel very much we’ve been here, no real need to panic, but a real need to raise the bar in all the ways that matter.