New interview (sort of) on precognitive and spiritual dreams

I enjoyed that discussion, particularly because of the more philosophical discussion at about 52.00.

I wonder - have you had any dreams that relate to the COVID situation (particularly pre-December 2019), and have you seen any dreams that relate to the aftermath?

I enjoyed that discussion, particularly because of the more philosophical discussion at about 52.00.

I wonder - have you had any dreams that relate to the COVID situation (particularly pre-December 2019), and have you seen any dreams that relate to the aftermath?

Not that I know of. It is possible I had one, wrote it down, and didn't give it a second thought. That said, I don't like to claim something like that unless I know it is there and I don't remember anything like it. The closest is a dream from about a month before the lockdown (2/22/2020) wherein the actor Robert Downey jr has to submit to a cheek swab for a medical test.

These days, my habit is to record my dreams on my iPad and then mail them to myself every morning. Every few months, I open all the emails and copy them into my database. It is when I go through that exercise that I tend to spot things.

For instance, a few years ago, I was surprised to see a dream that described the cast of the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie. It correctly stated that the villain would be Ultron, that he would be played by James Spader, and that the specific Avengers who would appear in the movie were the cast used in the 1960's comic Avengers #16 (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man - this is also the issue when Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join the Avengers, as in the movie). This was interesting because the dream pre-dated the release of the movie by a couple of years, the announcement of production by a few months, and casting by a couple months. The first hint that Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch would appear in an upcoming MCU movie didn't appear until many months after the dream, in an end credit sequence at the end of (I think) Captain America: Winter Soldier.

If you had asked me a question about movie-related dreams at any point between the date of that dream and about two years later, I would have said no, I hadn't dreamed of anything of interest. Then when the movie comes out, or the trailers a few months earlier, that dream suddenly becomes interesting.

Last night I had a rare dream involving President Trump. To date, I've had 14 dreams in which Trump is mentioned or appears. The earliest is from 1990. In that dream, Trump was talking about the safety of Trump Air, a local commuter airline he once owned, and the design of an airport. Most of the dreams are fairly uninteresting: Trump getting out of a limo, Trump walking down a hallway, Trump talking about the design of a building, etc. The previously mentioned "cheek swab" dream also included Donald Trump. Before running into Downey jr, I am with Trump at what appears to be the annual State of the Union speech.

In last night's dream, I was in a giant mansion. Trump lived there but it was unclear to me if it was the White House or some other mansion he owned. There was a great deal of activity inside and outside the mansion. Outside, dignitaries and VIPs from all over the world were gathering in a large grassy area arrayed with hundreds of portable chairs. Limos and fancy cars filled a large parking lot nearby, as valets rushed to park each car and then run to the next one.

Inside the mansion, the President wanted the interior spic and span. He expected to invite some guests from among the dignitaries outside and wanted the premises spotless. He spotted two things that will sound like a symbolic black mark on Trump, but in both cases, they belonged to his employees. One was a box of papers that were tax returns and related documents that belonged to one employee, a man in his thirties. Trump told him to get rid of the box. The next was a pile of dirty laundry in a laundry room. Again, this wasn't Trump's laundry but he wanted to get rid of it anyway because it was distracting. He ordered that it be removed also. He didn't want these things hidden out of sight somewhere else inside the mansion, he wanted them completely off the grounds.

There was a severe storm headed toward the mansion. Already the sky was grey and darkening. Winds were picking up. The storm hadn't yet arrived. Trump wanted everything ready for the storm, to contain or prevent any damage wherever possible.

My impression of the group outside is that they were there to see Trump at his inauguration.
Very interesting interview. Thanks for posting it. I like how you skirt around the potential "spiritual meaning" of your Boxing Day Tsunami dream. A good decision really as would have changed the tone of the whole interview.

So, Andy, I hope I can ask two questions but they each need some background.

It is my opinion that the movie Back To The Future is very important. If you search for the YouTube video "BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11" on the BarelyHuman11 channel you will see what I mean. Note that YouTube actively suppresses this video. You need to search on BarelyHuman11 to find it. So, two things about this. One is the 2001 monolith is mentioned in this and we have recently had a monolith in Utah! The second is hard for me to explain on a public forum but basically I have some weird personal synchronicities with Back To The Future myself.

So, question 1, do you have any dreams about Back To The Future?

Now, second question. Actually, maybe will end up being 3.

Question 2
For complex reasons, I have suspected for a long time that there may be another 9/11. I am actually wondering about Monday/Tuesday (Dec 7/8, 2020) for this.

Some reasons
- On September 11, 2018, I had a dream. This dream was very short - just an image of John Lennon’s grave surrounded by chairs. It was inside (like in a museum or something) was “sunk” into the ground but quite plain.
- John Lennon was murdered on Dec 8, 1980.
- Pearl Harbour was Dec 7.
- Back To The Future is a time travel movie. Well, turns out there actually is a “Pearl Harbour Time Travel Movie” (On Prime at the moment I think)
- On a personal note, my father was born literally the day after Pearl Harbour - Dec 8, 1941. There is also a synchronicity of sorts between the best man at my wedding and Mark David Chapman who murdered John Lennon.
- Then we have this a year ago:
Dec 5 - Submarine - Pearl Harbour - shooting -
Dec 6 - shooting - FL - Saudi in flight school - VERY like 9/11 -

So, question 2, do you have any Pearl Harbour dreams?

Now, question 3. Since the summer I have suspected that the relationship between the Stanley Kubrick movie "The Shining" and the future 2nd 9/11 is the same as the relationship between Back to The Future and the first 9/11. This is complex to explain.

There is an important video by Mark Murchison at :
I have carefully studied this video and it is my conclusion that Mark Murchison was "in the Overlook Hotel" (from The Shining) when he made this video.

So, question 3, do you have any dreams about The Shining?

Sorry, I know I have written a lot here! THANKS for your time Andy.