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NOTE: Going to leave the rest of this post unaltered but note that these threads are now included in the much more robust Site Index.

Plan to put links to all the Resources threads, and write out a FAQ for the usual topics like Brain as Producer vs Filter/Transmitterl, Why Brains aren't Computer Programs, Idealism vs Panpsychism vs Dualism vs Materialism, etc.

William Buhlman [Resources]

Remote Viewing [Resources]

Bill Bengston [Resources]

Jeffery Kripal [Resources]

Panpsychism - Strawson, Koch, and more! [Resources] [Panpsychism]

Whitehead's Science and the Modern World [Resources]

IQOQI results lend support to Immaterialism? [Resources] [Physics & Consciousness]

(Also there are some threads not marked Resources but deal with QM related stuff, will add here as an addendum)

Life - It's arrival, it's evolution, and so on [Resources][Biology][Evolution]

Intelligent Design Thread

David Bohm on Consciousness, QM, Paranormal, etc. [Resources]
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Just some outlining to start off -> This is stuff I consider a precursor to the UFO/NDEs/Psi/etc stuff. Additions to this are most welcome!

Q: Why can't a computer be considered a Conscious Entity?
1. Derived vs Intrinsic Intentionality
2. Turing Machines could be trained cats running through pipes, not just electronics
3. There is no computation in physics or any other description of the actual world.
4. Programs can mean anything we want them to, not just what the programmer claims the program is doing.
5. Machine code can be reinterpreted to have a different meaning than the one the programmer intended.
6. Kripke's point about indeterminate nature of programs, Searle's point that there's no computation in physics, Lanier's point that computers can be cats running through pipes rather than black boxes that recall our own brains' electric signals.

Q: Why is consciousness a "Hard Problem"?
1. Quantitative vs Qualitative.
2. Materialism's Something From Nothing Problem
3. Materialist Appeal to "Cryptic Complexity"

Q: What is Intentionality? Why is it a problem for materialism?
1. If materialism is true, we have no thoughts at all.
2. Intentionality the key to many aspects of human life, potentially defies explanations in terms of physics.

Q: What about other options besides Materialism?
Questions/issues with Idealism/Panspychism/Dualism

Q: Why does Dualism get such a bad rap?
Interaction Problem, potential solutions (Hylemorphism), Lycan's Giving Dualism Its Due
Many to One Accounts (Combination Problem):

How do bits of consciousness/qualia come together to form a whole? What are the units for accretive panpsychism?

For materialism, how do bits of matter quantitatively interact to produce qualitative experiences of intensity?

One to Many Accounts (Division Problem):

How does the Mind-at-Large, Gnostic Divine One, or Holistic Panpsychic Whole divide to produce selves that seem to be individuated wholes on their own?

And for the Holistic Paradigm adherents who ascribe to the goal of Unification with the Whole, how would a mind return to Mind?'

Emergence Problem: How does nonconscious matter produce consciousness/intentionality/rationality without a something from nothing miracle?

Limiting Problem:
If the Whole drives Time/Change/Causality, why do certain things *not* happen? If minds are localizations of Mind, why are minds so heavily bound to their bodies?

Q: Does Consciousness influence reality at any level according to studies of QM?
Possibly - describe some work that's being done, flaws in Multiversal. Physicists who take a non-materialist approach - Gao, Wheeler, Bohm, Josephson, Goswami, Zeilinger (I think), Ulrich Morhoff....

Q: Why can't reality be totally captured reductionism of everything to the level of physics?
1. Subjectivity is qualitative
2. Problem of what happens to reason - naturalism can't ground logic.
3. Determinism is a metaphysical position, not a scientific one.
4. What upholds the "laws" of nature? Meta-laws?

Q: Why is the Multiverse bad science? What does it mean for the role of consciousness in shaping reality?
1. Multiverse fantasy, politically useful for materialist evangelicals but bad science.
2. If no multiverse, alternative - as presented by multiverse advocates - is mind can shape reality. (Wheeler's observer-participancy)
3. If no multiverse, fine tuning and ID are not so easily dismissed.

Q: Does the brain hold memories?
1. Possibly not. Present arguments of Tallis & Braude.

Q: Why is Time a challenge for physics & philosophy?
1. Time with/without observers
2. Real Time vs Time is an Illusion.
3. Causality vs "Be-causality"
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What some would say is the meat of Skeptiko. I don't know too much about NDE or Psi evidence so please add some stuff below and I'll put it in the FAQ - thanks!

Q: What is Super-Psi?

Q: What do NDE/STE/SDE stand for?

Q: Why are materialist evangelicals so against this stuff?

Q: What's up with Morphic Resonance?
-Principle of Precedence
-Braude's criticism
-Bohm and Sheldrake Dialogue on Implicate Order

Q: What's up with Fine Tuning?

Q: What's up with Intelligent Design?
(Mention Feser's argument against this)
Prescott's analogies
Josephson's on Wheeler's "Law Without Law", mental entities preceding the physical
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Laird and I are looking to resurrect the FAQ.

What questions should we add? This is where we might want to reference some of the best studies from parapsychology by the way.