Richard Grego, Materialist Soothing |595|

It was more of a jab at all of our desire to be perceived by our friends as knowing something that's arguably unknowable - What is God and what are Gods intentions. We all, even the scientists love pretending we know how to answer those.
True enough.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately because I've been listening to some of the excellent nde accounts out there on youtube. On one hand, they are awesome and inspirational, but on the other hand you often run into "...and then god told me everything so now y'all better listen up" [[p]]

On the other, other hand, it's great to hear people say, "yeah, I got all this deeply meaningful spiritual knowledge, but I realize I still don't know s***"

Inquiry to perpetuate doubt [[p]]
I'm not surprised he didn't reply. On the other hand, I'm always surprised when these small-ish youtubers don't reply to requests. I think it's part of playing the psydo-celebrity game.
Hey I finally got my wish and worked my way up to #394 with Brisson. I'd seen him bouncing around nutrition world but never read anything by him, great ep!

Reminded me to maybe ping you again to see if you'd be up for Greenfield guy coming on...?
I'd be happy to do some legwork but I dont have the details to complete his appearance request 'questionnaire' here...
(which is offputting sign but I guess he's saving on having a secretary lol),