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This is a good video. At some point the guy on the speaker says that he was out from March 2020 because he could see what was being done. I think from the extent of a plandemic he would be right and he probably realised quicker than most people but at the same time when looking at the general registered deaths it's apparent that something was making people die in substatially increased numbers.
Since those 4-5 months (pandemic February - June/July 2020) we went to about the figures of a bit worse than normal flu, gastroentiritis etc year which shows up in the registered recorded deaths of previous years.
The only noticable increase in deaths occurs 'coincidentally' during the initial vaccine rollout (when 30-40 million people took a covid vaccine in Uk) as it was carpet applied.
What am trying to say is that the plandemic WEF sick fucks agenda doesnt take away the fact that from about February 2020 but more like October/November 2019 (in hindsight) there was a problem that needed precaution and to be dealt with, no thanks to Faucci and WEF doing gain-of-function research in a CCP lab without peoples knowledge in the US etc of what was going on. Something that contagious shouldn't have been being messed around with to make human transmissable particularly in an adversary's lab like the CCP, in, sorry for the phrase, it's kind of wrong, a 'Made in China' lab. Also there is no way on God's green Earth that the cases coming out of China like 0.000001% or something of how it has been spreading in western countries is because they are locking down. It is just not how covid spreads. From what can see there would be two explanations for this 1. People had it years before in China and covid has worked its way through. 2. and the most likely is that the virus wasn't designed to affect people of Chinese descent. So Faucci and WEF shite not just created 4-5 month pandemic with this bioweapon but, Faucci for example, has turned bioweapon on the people who of which the government he works for represents. The likes of Gates and Shwab real sick sra (imo) evil shite (unlike sellout dumb prick Faucci), i don't know how anyone would expect any different.
aren't vaccines supposed to be given at doctors surgeries after parents have made the decision (a bad idea imo and especially with these covid vaccines) to take their kids there. what fucking business has the school got dishing them out.
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Quote within linked article and recording

'This effort to go after Trump evolved. It didn’t start out from the beginning with a well-formed, coordinated plan. In the summer of 2015, the Central Intelligence Agency was helping collect information and working with foreign governments, particularly the Brits and MI6 to dig up dirt on not just just Trump, but all Republican Presidential candidates and Bernie Sanders. They were working on behalf of Hillary Clinton…'

Nothing surprising here but i think this can point out how the media, particularly in Uk went after Jeremy Corbyn after he was like 0.5% or something off from winning an election in 2019. Note in above quote how they went after Bernie Sanders too. In Corbyn's case i think he is a national security nightmare (particularly in the case of the army) and far far too open and on board with transvestite and woke agenda even if he is well intended. At the same time he is one of the most genuine people i have seen in British politics and has more moral backbone than any of them and the media hated him for it. The campaign they held against him through all the msm was disgusting and almost as bad as how they have treated Trump though for a shorter period of time.
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I'll keep trying to reach that petition, but so far it's coming up w/ "Hmmm, can't seem to find that." My thoughts are w/ your brother & bro-in-law. I'm envious of almost anyone living in S.F. (my favorite US city), but I see mandates as the dark forces over-reaching their limits. The major push-backs are on their way, so I counsel patience. My wife & I would like to immigrate to Canada, but we're having practically no luck selling our house, & now I'm getting an education on what Canadians are struggling w/. I think Alex made a good point. Good guys wear white hats for a reason. The cosmos is held together by 3 kinds of glue, one of them is compassion, so we've just got to dig in & hang on!! Don't overdose, don't beat up your partner, or be baptized & you'll be okay.
Always good to hear from you, Kim. Love what you said, " Don't overdose, don't beat up your partner, or be baptized and you'll be okay."

The link seems to be working for the most part, here it is:

We have 1024 signatures in less than a week.
Feel that i should point out a couple of things as i think it relates to how 'philosophy' discussions often end up in a big muddle. Is more of an extreme case that am going to mention but if anyone thinks that they have got it all right in their approach and isn't constantly re-evaluating things that is a weak position to be in in the first place. Have posted a few links from which i think has a lot of good information and content on it. At the same time the guy thinks that the Nazis didn't commit the Holocaust and Hitler and nazis were the victims. Obviously, imo at least, he is very wrong about this. The guy has never condoned murder of different races but based on what he has read and concluded on, that is what he believes. If anyone reading this thinks they have it all worked out, take this test. Think to yourself, 'of the major stuff what am i wrong about at this point in my life?' The chances are your initiall reaction and thoughts will be 'i cant think of anything' and bordering on 'nothing' at least in the couple of seconds after you have asked yourself that question. Then look back at your life and think of all the different things that you have come to maybe understand that you had no idea about or thought the opposite of and that that has been a constant process since the day you were conceived. If you had asked yourself the question about major issues you have concluded upon 'what am i wrong about at this point in my life?' back then, the chances, almost guaranteed, would be that the initial thoughts would be the same as in the present day 'i cant think of anything' 'probably nothing'. Would say that the evidence is out that we have a lot to learn and evolve even if the realisation of that is hard to fathom in the present moment without a lot of contemplation but is very obvious when looking into our past.

At the moment though there are really evil individuals implementing a sick medical apatheid etc society and they need dealing with.
I think if peoples heart is in the right place as people that is the best we can hope to have mass consensus on so please lets not get too philosophical at least when in comes to pushing back and fighting the plandemic
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Also beware of anything coming out of Qanon. Is not people who ascribe to it and generally mean well that are the problem but that Qanon is a psyop controlled by the sra likes of Hillary Clinton, Zuckerburg etc and is constantly trying to cause strife by deception. Is one of the biggest dangers and threats to the truther movement (whatever that means) in current times imo.


Why not give one or two actual examples of what Steve Bannon has said or done that you think qualify him for this description? Be careful to include some context.

I find that words like 'fascism' are used indiscriminately as ad hominems.

- this is not ad hominin... there is evidence that this guy is not at all what he seems / presents.

Steve Bannon's Miami House Site of Repeat Domestic ... › news › steve-banno...

Mar 16, 2017 — Newly obtained police records show Steve Bannon's Miami house was the site of at least 11 police calls for domestic violence and even a gun ...
- this is not ad hominin... there is evidence that this guy is not at all what he seems / presents.

Steve Bannon's Miami House Site of Repeat Domestic ... › news › steve-banno...

Mar 16, 2017 — Newly obtained police records show Steve Bannon's Miami house was the site of at least 11 police calls for domestic violence and even a gun ...
That lot does suggest that he has a troubled side to him, but that hardly makes him a fascist! If Dpdownsouth had written that Bannon had a troubled private life, and supplied that link, I wouldn't object in the slightest, but IMHO public debate in the West has sunk to an incredible low when people are routinely called fascists, homophobes, racists, climate deniers, etc etc without any justification. Some time after the 2016 election, I remember seeing a campus riot when a prominent Trump supporter who was also a gay was speaking. What made me laugh was that one of the banners described this man as a homophobe - so daft, you couldn't make it up.

You also have to wonder if that report isn't 'fake news' in the sense that it was published for political reasons - I don't know, but the reports rather suggest that his ex-wife was the source of the trouble rather than him.