Sarah Westall, Trafficking/Blackmail Cycle of Evil |410|

Eric -- your extreme right political paranoia is a little bit troublesome. No one is behind AOC. The reason people fear and hate her (and Ilhan Omar) is because she represents a new kind of politics and new kind of political energy. You can disagree with her politics but to make claims that she is some kind of puppet is a joke. If anything, it is the opposite. Ilhan and AOC are not controlled which is why right-wing media and elements of corporate media have been so harsh on them (especially Ilhan Omar). Ilhan Omar single-handedly blew the top off the Israel lobby. The last thirty years of politicians and organizing was unable to do that but she did so by simply making a few honest tweets and having a couple of controversial speeches.
Maybe it was time to attack the Israeli lobby - particularly if it turns out that MOSAD was behind Epstein because he gave them videos that could be used to blackmail politicians to do their bidding (which may not relate closely to what Israeli people want).

However, the Left in the US doesn't seem much interested in democracy IMHO. They want to force themselves to power regardless, and from past experience that is very dangerous.