Songs that you feel are "spiritual"

This seems to be one of the threads that got screwed up after the server crash. It says 11 posts, but none is there. Anyway, I through in a few new ones. :)

First Aid Kit - Emmylou

Sounds a bit like american folk music to me - made in Sweden though. :)
I like the dreamy sound of it, and the vocal harmonies.

Here is american folk music - made in America. :)

Joan Baez, Diamonds and Rust

Have to add this one as well.

Sarah Brightman - Captain Nemo
She has a great voice, and this is one of her better songs that I really like.
Aquatic spirituality. :)

I find overtone singing (one singer produces 2 tones at the same time) spiritual (2 first videos are more a technical demo, spirituality is represented by 3rd video of David Hykes).

short promotion clip here:

Live recording

traditional asian version (see e.g. 6:21)

Apart from this type of music I also like christian medieval music (Ensemble Organum, Sequentia, ....) and ethnic music, in particular Indian music.
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One word: ENIGMA. :)

Yeah, for sure. I think I've posted these two before the sever crash, but they are - along with many other songs by ENIGMA - my favorites while driving at night. A moonlit, or a snowy/rainy night, I always crank these two up on my car stereo and cruise. :)

Enigma - Principle of Lust

Enigma - Voyageur

ooh, and this one. Also among my favorite road-trip songs. :)

Robert Miles - Children

This track is definitely one you should do your OBE-sessions with.
Your whole `flight-plan´is laid out before you in this video.
Watch it- close your eyes - and be there. :)

A song that is very haunting and sort of a dark spiritual piece is this one. It originated from Jocelyn Pook and are used in Stanley Kubricks movie Eyes Wide Shut.It is a dark tune but it is quite powerful, and all it really is, is a monk chant from a christian Romanian prayer.
The photos from the Venice Carnival is pretty fitting to the music. Those masks, with this music, almost displays a mix of insensible, soulless indifference with an underlying malicious and pernicious intent....if you let your imagination run with you, that is.:) I guess there is a reason children don't like clowns - the lack of facial expression.