Steven Snider, Parapolitical QAnon |529|

Just take the "e-on" out, and you're reading comic books! There are some good ones out there I could recommend...

You mean I might learn something by ditching the economics books and reaching for the comics? You're probably right. Funnily enough, I've just recently been looking at a few for the first time in probably twenty years: The English translation of Alejandro Jodorowsky's Panic Fables, also Gary Panter, Jim Woodring, and Mœbius.

So the moral of the story is, you can run as hard and as fast as you like from planet dork...... but it's gravitational pull is so strong, it'll eventually suck you back into its orbit.


Well, maybe you could rewrite that last post in English, because I'm not sure what perplexed you so much.

Hivyo ndivyo inavyoonyeshwa.
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His new one with Al on Forum Borealis about Epstein is decent. First half and unedited and only available for members on the website.
You should check it out, Alex.