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so if you were asking if I think they are sanctioned by the state. No. I think government is intended to be a bulwark against massive wealth. And we have studies to show that in America at least the only people who have a say now, is the ultra wealthy. The common citizen has no voice. And that hasn’t been because of socialism. Quite the contrary. That’s been because of the corrosive and eroding powers of wealth constantly pressing to remove regulations and sanctions and lines so that the American government has become a transferal of the citizens money into the hands of the billionaire few.
One of the other great misunderstandings from Americans is that, this is the way of the world. But it is not. Nor does it have to be.
This is not just an American problem nor one new to recent history only. Every government around the world exploits the ‘WE’ (not ME, the government here, who I do not support by my own will, but only through the coercion of taxation and fees on everything from growing food to getting a driver’s license to braiding hair) just as every society in the world, east and west alike (with perhaps only a few tribal peoples excluded) exist as a Mafia, exploiters and false protectors against the violence they commit and then force the citizenry not only to collude with but even to honor. We learned it from the East India Company, who learned it from the Roman Empire, who learned it from the cult of Mithras, etc. etc. Nothing new here, for better or worse, except that the Plebes keep falling for it.