The SJW and equality movement

It is. It's like that all over Africa and wherever there is a high concentration of Africans.

Now explain how systemic racism makes these guys ignorant ghetto dwelling savages that kill and eat other, in Africa.
Absence of opportunity and choices. Normalisation of violence. Desperation. etc. etc. Many causes... but not skin pigment.
Absence of opportunity and choices. Normalisation of violence. Desperation. etc. etc. Many causes... but not skin pigment.
An entire continent full of natural resources represents a lack of opportunity?

Opportunity should be handed to people, not developed by them?

Lack of opportunity leads to savagery? The statistics show that poor whites do not become violent criminals at anything like the rate Blacks do. Poor Asians sure don't.

Poodles, yellow labs, Rottweilers and pit bulls are all dogs. Is their temperament the same? The "the only difference is melanin levels" arguments has no scientific basis at all and seems shallow and wrong based on what we know about difference between breeds in other species.

Maybe neanderthal DNA makes a big positive difference (sub-Saharan Africans have none whereas as everyone else has some; different race; not just pigmentation).

Maybe if they took all that energy they put put into killing each other and did something productive and smart, they'd have opportunity, but that is hard to do when their avg IQ is a full standard deviation below the mean, which has been demonstrated over and over, decade after decade, even when all sorts of control are applied. That's science. You're not a science denier are you?

Maybe we should be honest about the issues and stop blaming it on racism. Then we could really start to help these people find a productive role in society.
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Portraying the working class "fighting back" through speculative options trading is a pretty ridiculous stretch. Virtue signaling at its best.

Ironically, the very platform that these patriots used to squeeze the shorts is, itself, part of the system:

Finally, all private market funds (i.e., hedge funds, private equity, private credit, etc.) aren't the devil. Just like any industry, there are bad corporate actors for sure but the best of these firms (and those that attract institutional capital) are serving pools of capital that feed the poor, provide places of worship, cure the sick, educate the young, and provide income to retired workers (i.e., pension funds).

Just like anything, folks can paint with the uberbroad brush and label a group "bad". Its pretty lazy.
The idiots that got involved in that little revolution are now losing their shirts. They are too ignorant and emotional to comprehend that stocks ultimately trade on fundamentals. You cannot prop up a stock indefinitely on simply buying it unless you have infinite money to buy with. Otherwise it's a Ponzi scheme. When the buying stopped, the stock fell like a safe full of lead. Duh Econ 101.... Feh....these Redit people are clueless as to how markets really work. Much overlap with the conspiracy theorist crowd.
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It seems like this forum needs this thread, based upon my recent viewing of the show threads. If it already exists and I missed it, please delete. Post any thoughts you have below. I’ll lead with this on my end. Lately Thomas Sowell has had a big impact on me as I’ve deeply considered these issues lately. He frequently speaks out against this idea of systematic racism and inequality. He’s nearly 90 years old. He lived through Jim Crow, and he’s been a professor of economics at Stanford and Cornell (I think). Feel free to post what you want, it doesn’t have to be in response to this video. Any thoughts you may have

Great man!!!!!
Seems like Greta is being burned in effigy these days. (How dare they!)

Greta Thunberg accidentally shared a message showing she was getting told what to write on Twitter about the ongoing violent farmers’ revolt in India — sparking a police investigation and a political firestorm, according to reports.

The 18-year-old left-wing eco-activist shared — and then quickly deleted — a message that detailed a list of “suggested posts” about the ongoing protests, according to the posts that were saved by Breaking 911.
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Somehow our liberals are going to say that Sowell is a racist. Or, more likely, their cognitive dissonance will cause them to go blank and ignore Sowell and that...gasp...he even appears on the Tucker Carlson show and not only agrees with Carlson but adds to what Carlson says....and they'll still think that they're making points
Right!!! the African Americans who were smart got off the plantation; the left wing communists/socialist Democratic Party Planation like this great man did!!!! I love him! You see almost all cities in the USA are run by the Dems ,and are the biggest laughable evil shitholes in the USA with Baltimore here the worse, problem is, they keep voting the same rip-off Dems in, and it always gets worse. Now that's the 2021 Plantation. You want to see a evil planation? You don't have to go back to the 1800's; just come and check out Baltimore.
This guy Dr. Gad Saad wrote a good article explaining why mid-wit Celebrities become retarded Social Justice Warriors...

“Let me explain yet again the source for all of the platitudinous virtue signaling.

The truly privileged elites know that deep down they are frauds. They suffer from existential guilt. Hence, one of the ways by which they assuage the guilt albatross around their necks is to demonstrate to the world that they are truly compassionate, truly loving, truly caring, truly profound.

Hence, they love all “undocumented” immigrants. They love Mother Earth. They love the ozone layer. They love BLM. They love socialism. They love inner cities. They hate the gentrification of neighborhoods. They love mentors of color. They cherish diversity. They love LGBTQ movies. They adore queer architecture.

They are better than you. More caring, more cultured, more empathetic. This permits them to sleep better at night. See, I’m not a fraud. I may be a gargantuan parasitic hedge fund bullshitter but I really care. I may be an overpaid BS actor but I fight for solar panels.

Those fly over rubes deserve their lot in life. They are racists who bed their siblings. We are science supporters who fight against Mother Earth rapists whilst flying in our private jets. It is a classic ego defensive strategy that permits the ruling class to exist within their fractured selves.”

Soon K9! will use every thread on this discussion forum as his personal drive-by Graffiti Wall.

Slowly this changes from a Discussion Forum into an MTV / Twitter / Instagram crap hole.

The Internet was awesome while it lasted. Sad to see it go.
Do you know about the ignore function? :D
I'm going back to using it on you.

I do not appreciate you deliberately mis-quoting me and assigning to me negative positions that I have not only never expressed, but have gone to lengths to explain otherwise.

To wit, on another thread you said that I think people should be treated according to their IQ. I never said that. I said that people should be treated equally under the law and via the golden rule, regardless of their IQ, but that societal outcomes would tend to reflect their IQ regardless.
Hey man :) think K9 and Atone are cool. I might not always agree with them but it seems a little harsh to put them on a list of the trolls and troll suspects. Trolls, what a waste of lifetime, trolling for god knows who. Troll loosers. Well tempting to ignore some that i recognise on your list (and some that arent on your list) or never watch the MSM. I get some of my best info from that shit tho. Just watching the lies, half lies and coverups. When? why? etc. Particularly the TV stuff that is broadcast to everyone, radio or even printed newspapers. Is like there is lies and coverups but that story is having to be spun to and then subsequently remembered by everyone (millions and billions of people), unlike online MSM where algorhythms (also signed up to by non msm sites) and shit are personally targetted and easier to get in the way with what is shown and how it is shown. A lot of stuff, if only as spins, wont be on msm though, so well intended, even if sometimes mistaken, alt media i find is also part of the equation. The MSM (4-5 companies) and some fake alt media (dont mean every individual reporter, presenter etc), for anyone that hadnt realized (generally, not you Charlie) even pretend to be nice sometimes
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