Tim Freke on the Science of Evolving Souls |355|

Weird.... I seemed to connect and understood what he's getting at.... I think. Funny how some took it as all blather while some connected.

Towards the end of the interview what he was saying reminded me, and iirc, physicist Frank Tippler's Omega Point, where the universe (and us I think) evolve into the very outside of space and time being(s) that many call God/Love the creator..... and so the cycle begins again
My favorite local yokel movie star Matthew McConaughey confirms my thoughts on the 5th dimension while commenting on the tesseract scene from Intersteller:
"Love is that 5th dimension"
Agreed. Freke left me profoundly underwhelmed! As if the whole debate was about how many phases of evolution there were, and once you throw out evolution by natural selection (which I think he does) don't you have to redefine it again before using the term?

At one point Alex tried to move him on to talk about life after death, and his approach seemed to be to say that consciousness probably went on for a bit after death! He specifically didn't want to consider what many NDEers have reported - that time is somehow different up there!

I guess he could be described as quintessentially New Age!

To say that consciousness can go on "a little" after death is rather silly. He doesn´t want to abandon the materialist paradigm.


Cisco KId
Alex's question at the end of the podcast:

Do you think that Tim's approach of trying to get science and spirituality to play nicely together, through the common bond of evolution and emergence, has a chance of working?
i just happen to catch Freke on another podcast and NO there is no chance of this approach working. Alex is living proof. He goes through this endeavor on many interviews.