Trump Consciousness

Oh for Chrissake. Figures. Another foreigner from a puny powerless country telling us what our's is all about. So sick of these guys.
Just looking for some excitement; we’ve lived through some history these last few weeks! It can get pretty boring down here in our Covid-free socialist idyll. ;)

At this point, I see no point in voting. Trump received more votes than Biden, as did other Republicans, but they haven't been declared winners. On that basis, why would any amount of votes in the future result in victory? Clearly, the number of votes from eligible voters is not the criteria for victory. The real criteria is the number of votes assigned to the candidates regardless of the legal vote.

This also means there is no point to contributing so much as a dime to any political campaign. Not a nickel for a hat, t-shirt, lawn sign, or anything else. Unless the money is earmarked to bribe the guys at Dominion software, it will not help your candidate at all. If it is earmarked for bribes, then you'd be a crook for contributing it.

I'm thinking of un-registering myself from voting, and have decided to drop my affiliation with the Republican party. That way, if any voter log shows a vote from me, it will be fake. Personally, I hope that huge numbers of people #walkaway from voting altogether. It would be interesting to see Biden squeeze eighty million votes out of his close friends, relatives, and his retarded son's sex slaves from China.

I am sickened by what we witnessed today; the total capitulation of government to what amounts to media-brainwashed Socialist loons. I hope the America of 2024 resembles the America of 2019 or 2017, or even 1999, but suspect it will be more like Venezuela. If I get an opportunity to leave the country, I may take it. I lived overseas for 12 years but came back to the US so my wife could be near her elderly mother. With recent events, I don't know if the country will be safe for much longer.

Congratulations to all the jerks on this board who I put on ignore. I can't see your snarky, stupid, brainwashed, dangerous, insipid, remarks, but your cheating hearts and your sleazy political prostitutes seem to have the upper hand today. Enjoy it while you can, but remember for a moment what this forum is all about. One day every person dies, and when they do, there is a reckoning of the measure of our lives. For some, it will be a sordid, painful, and deeply embarrassing experience. Maybe you have some compensating good in your lives, or are so totally ignorant that you can't be held responsible for your dangerous beliefs, but it is also possible you will see all the harm done in the name of causes you support and you will realize what a mistake that was.