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Biden didn't defend the concentration camps. He clearly spoke of them as human rights abuses. When Biden said, "culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow" he wasn't referring to the camps. He was referring to the expectation that, yes he will speak out against human right abuses in China, to the Chinese President, regardless of the norms in China about what the leader says. That's what the President of the United States does - reflect the values of the United States.
Have been thinking the last few days, particularly where big tech/communist fake democrats etc and cohorts are overplaying their hand with what they are doing, that if people in the US aren't careful things could be heading towards a kind of civil war scenario of some sort or the other. I really dont think that that is the way forward. Have just come across this Qanon related article:
Have given a brief outline of what i think the Qanon psyop is about in a previous post in the Alan Warren forum, shown below.

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Feb 11, 2021
Because of the seriousness of what is being discussed in this post I have to point out that i could be wrong about certain things and i apologise to anyone if they have been wrongly accused. I think it is pretty damn accurate though.

When have said in this thread's posts about 'an extremely evil international/of all races cult' what i mean is an international satanic ritual abuse cult. My wrong, i just assume people know what am talking about. Of course since the Qanon psyop (usual type of psyop, a few facts, loads of lies and a chance to get at their enemies by also accusing them of sick evil shit, etc). The BBC reporting on Qanon everyday in days following the Jan 6th demonstrations and riot is another obvious sign to note what Qanon is all about. As a summary of where the BBC is coming from, two fucking words, Jimmy Saville (also in photoes with convicted serial killers) and the fact that a statue of a known pedophile is part of the building that houses the BBC.
As for that international satanic ritual abuse cult that muddies the waters to keep people off their tracks by accusing their enemies of the same sick shit, the two main people, as far as i can see, that they went after in Qanon psyop is the queen of England (am not a royalist) and Trump. Obama too who imo is just a dumb puppet that works for them unknowingly. Anyone notice the part where they happen to mention that Trump was accussed of raping a thirteen year old boy? I had never heard of that accusation before and a lot of people have now seen the Qanon documentary thanks to the likes of the BBC. As far as the Queen goes i used to think years ago that she must be part of the whole evil abuse cult as there was so much stuff on the internet and i had always heard since i was a kid about pedos in parliament and crown hq. My research has shown me she clearly isn't. Imo she has been quite naive in some instances and has a shit intelligence team around her. How is it that Jimmy Saville managed to 'befriend' Charles for a time? Of course there is their family's 'got to' by sick pedophile pimps but not satanic abuse cult imo, shit rotten apple, Andrew. Remember that this evil satanic cult go out their way to leech onto people and institutions that are valid, for obvious reasons which is what they did with Charles. Trump has been naive too. I'll never forget him endorsing Google who was supposed to be doing something to help with coronavirus logistics around March-April 2020.
Another thing that this satanic ritual abuse cult does in psyops as in the case of Qanon documentary is throw in some of their own who they know a lot of people suspect anyway. Hilary Clinton and Zuckerberg for example. Also when something is debunked they come out looking 'cleaner'. Another tactic used is one part /person of the satanic abuse cult or lacky goes after the other part/person of the satanic abuse cult. How could both or one side be guilty if at least one of them is going after the other (they push on people)? That's often the aim intended at least when this satanic abuse cult is targeting audiences. Also thanks to the likes of the BBC anyone who looks into the satanic ritual abuse that plagues the world is associated as Qanon crazy person.
As for Biden to me he is obviously a pedophile shown clearly in numerous videos of him in an official setting in front of cameras messing around with kids. What does he do when the cameras aren't rolling should be an obvious question on anyone's mind. Also unlike dumb puppet Obama i think Biden has a pretty clear idea that he is working with and for this international satanic ritual abuse cult.
There is a Shaun Attwood interview with a Jimmy Saville survivor (aprox 45 years old, very short hair maybe shaved, from Bristol Uk) which i believe, as in the case of Anneke Lucas, to be legit. Have tried searching for it to provide the link but have not managed to. Amongst other things the youtube algorhythm keeps on showing me pictures of that sick fuck (now dead and in hell) Saville smiling. Wonder why?

Back to today 1/3/2021

I remember reading in news articles around the time of the Jan 6th demonstration and riot in Washington DC that a lot of people (mostly good people imo but taken in by the Qanon psyop) where in the Capitol building on Q's instructions. Now Q is talking about military coups and what not (described in linked article at the beginning of this post). I'm worried. I hope people are careful and dont fall for this bullshit from whoever is behind Q or others down the line that could be riled up. Q (not those followers taken in by the psyop and generally meaning well) whoever that/they (Q) are, imo are a part of this international satanic ritual abuse cult.
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I dont like talking about this shit but has become the norm in the times of Biden. I saw on Gab yesterday a post with a link to an article which i now can't find. I just found this online:
So article says that the raid which was supposed to simultaneously happen against illegal alien sex offenders in multiple states and cancelled at the last minute, 'supposedly' had nothing to do with the Biden administration, according to senior ICE officials. Regardless of who gave the orders. Is this for real? So sex offenders in multiple states now know they almost had ICE kicking down their door a couple of nights ago as it has been spread across the internet for all to see as well as confirming any suspicions they may have had that they were being looked at. Logic would say that many will be changing addresses, changing state, panicking and commiting more crimes etc. If it's not the Biden administration that is responsible, someone definitely is.
For the record whether an extra million Mexicans move to the US this year doesnt bother me in the slightest but why anyone in their right mind would want an open border with lawless Latin America is beyond me. The US is one of the most admired countries worldwide but also one of the most hated. You can't have people piling in unknowingly. Terrorists, terrorists's weapons and arsenal, sex offenders, violent gang members, people with contagious diseases etc etc. A wall is, in part, an obvious solution. If anything just allow more people in legally and examine asylum cases conscientiously and thoroughly
To which troll Silence replied straight off the mark according to script:
Feb 10, 2021

1-2 Steps off Monkey said:
I just found this online:
Perhaps the biggest problem in modern times.

1-2 Steps off Monkey now says:
Turns out article was true. Go give Biden a hug Silence. He loves you
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What cult do you subscribe to paid shill troll malf? i can see what you are doing as you know i think Hilary is part of a satanic ritual abuse cult along with with her co-worker Q. Hell my friend is where they are reincarnating to and dont ever play games like that again with your comments you ignorant idiot
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What cult do you subscribe to paid shill troll malf? i can see what you are doing as you know i think Hilary is part of a satanic ritual abuse cult along with with her co-worker Q. Hell my friend is where are going and dont ever play games like that again with your comments you ignorant idiot
I’m sure Jesus is very proud of you. X
Even i was shocked and was also upset all day yesterday at the figures quoted in this interview. From some basic research that have done other countries are no better, often much worse.
US government agency funding to combat illicit trade of:
Tobacco, Alchohol and Firearms - 10s of billions of dollars
Narcotics - 10s of billions of dollars
Property fraud - 10s of billions of dollars
CIA budget - 890 billion dollars (figure quoted in a Rich Higgins interview, ex advisor to president Trump) - work done to combat human traffiking - literally NOTHING
HUMAN TRAFFIKING (including the abduction, rape and exploitation of children as well as adults) - 22 MILLION dollars

What the hell?

Children need and are entitled by natural law to protection and if governments arent going to do it then maybe it's time for the Mob to step up?
Maybe as a rule (at least in the case of children), as in if pedos are active on someone's turf and they arent doing anything about it then they should be replaced with someone who will do something (based on real intel not hearsay)