Trying to understand

For several years my partner has been lying to me about many topics that are sexual in nature. For some reason he decided to confess this to me a few weeks ago. I have expressed appreciation with his honesty but am having a hard time with a few things he said in his explanation. One of the main things he said was that he simply didn’t think about what would hurt me or that it would hurt me. I have expressed clearly that this type of stuff hurts or would hurt me but he does not seem to understand and will not apologize. He believes a lot of things that are often discussed in this forum, such as we are not really here. This is all a simulation. Multiverse-related theories. He seems to view me as someone it is okay to lie to and manipulate as if I am not real and do not experience pain. I apologize to put it bluntly and if it offends anyone but is that a standard for this group? That is what I am worried about.. that he is subscribes to these types of theories so much that he thinks it is okay to treat the real people in his life as disposable or like we are not real or don’t actually exist. Feel free to tell me your honest view, pleasant or unpleasant.
It’s a good question.

There may be some here think that they are the centre of their simulation and treat others accordingly.

Believe it or not, there is a member that considers one of the primary drivers on how we should treat others is based on IQ levels.

However, I would say the vast majority of members (religious, humanist, spiritual) here would coalesce around some version of the golden rule.