Upcoming Interview: Matthew Alper -- The "God" Part of the Brain


looks like Matt is bailing... no webcam. I told him twice that webcam was required, but now that's a prob. also, surprised he never made it over to the forum. no need to overanalyze... we pretty much handled his wackiness here.
Well, it depends on whose information you trust. What I see in multiple different ways is this:

1. We are blended beings
2. The afterlife is a kind of posthuman state
3. Getting off track means pain

Sanaya says we are blended beings. That's hardly authoritative for me. But when Dr. Schwartz says the same thing in a different way, I am becoming convinced that might be correct. Obviously, how do "we" integrate our past lives? Who does the integrating. Not me, for sure. Something else. Alien.

The concept of posthumanity is only explored philosophically. The key point is this: a posthuman is a disjunction. Now, reports appear to be that we feel like more of ourselves, an enhanced version of us. But clearly, no matter how you slice it (and we do get sliced!) that is not us here.

Finally, the moral dimension of reality is not up to us. This is clear in every religion and used to its ends. Like with terrorism, or claims of the correct form of marriage and so on. Instead, we are the 'ends' our pain is the path forward through trial and error.

That last part is the dystopian part. Nothing we do is up to us and all destinations end in the same place -- the one we didn't decide here. That is a dystopia to me.
I agree. Our existence seems not to be about us human beings at all. The whole thing appears to be some kind of creative pursuit for "something" alien, ie whose nature is very different from ours, ie: the way it may feel about us certainly appears (according to "Sanaya") to be very different from the way we feel about other human beings; it appears to be using humans (as well as all other sentient beings and material things) for its own ends.

This is from the latest (supposed) "channeling" of Sanaya (by Susan Giesemann):

"By way of an alternate analogy, you have one alphabet with 26 letters that make up myriad combinations of words. You could not have the words without the letters, and you could not have the letters without the alphabet. The letters are aspects of the alphabet, but they are not the entirety of the alphabet. Yet, the alphabet contains the entirety of the letters.
You, as a point of consciousness within the Field, the Matrix, are like a letter in the alphabet. The Matrix is the alphabet. You are intimately part of the Matrix. YOU DO NOT EXIST APART FROM THE ALPHABET. Imbued with free will, creativity, and intelligence—some of the innate aspects of Consciousness, you may go off on your little journeys for a while and create words and worlds— little fields within fields of your own, but ultimately your words will get scrambled and the letters will return to the alphabet, and the alphabet will say, “It is good.”