What are you listening to?

Never heard them before, but this song was the soundtrack for the movie A Dark Song
Sound a bit like Magnum or Queensryche.

Pallas - The Bringer of Dreams
Pretty long intro - the song really starts at around 2:40

Queensryche - Jet City Woman

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This must have been posted before, it's such a classic, but still can't resist:

As one commentator puts it,
In my opinion, Britain's greatest comic actor imitating Britain's greatest stage actor's appearance in a play of Britain's greatest writer, reciting the lines of Britain's greatest band. It doesn't get much better than that.
Just a reminder of one of the ingredients: Richard III, played by Laurence Olivier
Something else I used to listen to at that time or a bit earlier.
The quality here is rough, but it was great to find videos of stuff I only knew on vinyl.

On a roll, Pollux, five top ("like"able) picks in a row, I think that's a record in this thread (from my subjective perspective, of course!). I'm almost two weeks late to the party, not sure what happened there, must have mixed up my notifications.

OK, so, a contribution of my own: a guitar cover of one of my favourite Led Zeppelin songs, by a 15-year-old female virtuoso:

-Since I've Been Loving You- Guitar Cover by Ayla

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Oh, and on the subject of covers of rock songs by female virtuosos (though not quite so young this time), see how you like vkgoeswild's piano cover of Toxicity:

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