What the hell is wrong with David

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I sent David a private message asking him very kindly and discretely to remove all my posts and to delete my account. I explained my wish to do this discreetly. I did not want to engage in a public conversation on the matter.

He refused. He asked why and whether it had to do with Alex's last post. I responded yes.

I stated I resented having to disclose information about myself. I explained to David from the age of 3 to 12 I was sexually abused. As such I found it deeply troubling that some men on this site would use children victims of sexual abuse as political pawns.

I again asked that he delete my posts and account.

Instead of respecting that request David responded with a barrage of links and a lecture on pizzagate being true. He further, he stated,

"That is just a taste - you will find more if you GOOGLE it - but wait until your tea has settled."

He then instructed me to confront Alex on this.

I don't know what in hell's name is wrong with David that he hasn't a shred of compassion or common decency. And so I will post it here in hopes that some other moderator has the common decency to respect my wishes.

I ask that all my posts be deleted.

I ask that my account be deleted.

As a victim of child sexual abuse that suffered through 9 years of horrific sexual, physical, and verbal abuse, I do not want to be associated with a site where the men use victims of child sexual abuse as political pawns.
It's not unusual, in my experience, for moderators to refuse to delete posts when members leave forums. The reason sometimes given is that it can disrupt the flow of discussions, plus there will be quotations of the members comments embedded in other the members' posts.

Can't you delete your own posts anyway?


Lost Pilgrim
I logged in to check on something and discovered this thread. Something of a shock really. Anyway, you can find your posts and edit them, deleting the information. I have deleted a couple of links this way. All the best Beyondmortality. :)
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