World events and ψ

A strange feature of this forum, is that we discuss all kinds of occult/psychic/mystical aspects of consciousness, we discuss various scientific phenomena, and we discuss assorted conspiracy theories - some of which I tend to believe in, while others seem unlikely.

However, we hardly ever blend psychic ideas - such as synchronicity - into discussions about subjects such as COVID-19, global warming, possible faked moon landings, 9/11, etc etc. Even discussions about Satanic cults, seem to progress by following lines of evidence, rather like a detective story.

One possible problem is, I suppose, that once you stir possible psychic phenomena into the mix, it becomes impossible to deduce anything - but surely we should at least discuss the possibilities.

For example, those who favour a major conspiracy regarding 9/11 point (among many other things) to the fact that most of the bankers hadn't turned up for work on the fatal day. This might be evidence of a conspiracy, but it might just as well be evidence for precognition. Indeed, there were reports of many people dreaming of this event before it happened. Animals often behave in a very odd way just before an earthquake, or other natural catastrophes. Conventionally this is 'explained' by assuming that they become aware of some tiny sounds that are below our threshold of hearing - but are these sounds below the threshold of detection of seismometers? Also I seem to remember that animals were behaving oddly before the Indonesian tsunami, but no underground activity was involved in that destruction (local to the destruction).

I think we should discuss this aspect a bit more with regard to COVID-19 and other phenomena.