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The only exceptional thing about Sam Harris is his super-ability to condescend without emoting. Which is probably the purpose for all his meditation.
Dear Sam Harris, The existence of Cause & Effect doesn't prove that Free Will is an illusion. It just means that the dumbest explanation of Free Will is dumb. .... Find someone who love's you as much as Sam Harris loves a straw man.
Listening to Lex Fridman Podcast #185 w Sam Harris.. Trudging through the cringe. Sam is so informative tho. I'm growing increasingly confident that Chester H is right about the brain being a Transducer
Ep. 501 30:30, Matt Whitman finished dropping a strong opening (like 10min.).. Alex: "You just ran the gamut there."
Listening to Ep. 501 w Matt Whitman. I'm only 9min30sec in, and I can already tell it's gonna be a banger. Let's see if I get any actual work done for the next 2 hours.
Just discovered the "Show Links" tab on the main website. Super convenient to listen and wish I would have found that months ago.
Currently listening todays to new ep499 w Ralph Bluementhal and just checked my phone, noticed new episode of Union of the Unwanted with ALEX listed as a guest!! Two-for Tuesday!!!
Judging by the feed, I assume everyone else is also busy listening to Theories Of Everything ep58 w Bernardo Kastrup and John Vervaeke. Wonder if someone’s gonna post it here for comment.. Not It!!
I've given you a few days off from the forum. pls avoid negative personal stuff.
Hey Alex advice not taken, if some attacks me on your website , in a disrespectful manner , I will return volley with some ! You don't like it ,remove my account! Many more web sites with your subjects. Plus, I interact some with people like Dr Dean , so .....

Stoked about the forums and meeting fellow inquirers. Stoked that Alex participates. Just ordered a copy of "Why Evil Matters".
Long term listener from Germany.
I love to travel Europe. Interested in history.
Dowsing and telepathic experiences made me to dig deeper.
Making videos for the YouTube channel 'Consciousness Matters'. Exploring ideas about reality, debating people who already think they know what reality probably is.
Hi, your post in the coronavirus thread from Dec. 10 is exactly what I have been wondering about. Most of what goes on in cells, most DNA and RNA, is not understood at all. Mountains of detailed observations does not equal understanding. So I do not understand how it can be considered safe to inject mRNA into a healthy person. And the AstraZeneca vaccine causes DNA to enter the cell nucleus.
"A Simple Explanation" book's 10th anniversary edition is out, with expanded discussions on reincarnation and information-based evolution. Check it out!